Fashion Sakura of Street Fighter Duel being sold for more than 3,000 pesos

A mobile game spin-off from the Street Fighter series, Street Fighter Duel, that was only recently launched has already started to make players pay a hefty amount of price for a unit in the game.

fashion sakura.png

The ‘Fashion Sakura’, which is an alternate version of Sakura, is priced at £50-£99.99 British Pounds or PHP 3,340.91 to PHP 6,681.16. It is a ‘legendary fighter’ of S rarity that’s only available for 60 days. She can be availed in the in-game store called “The Mall’ in the sub-section called the “Fight Mall’.

fashion sakura1.jpg

The price of the unit depends on a lucky draw that will indicate whether you picked a 10, 30, or 50 percent discount and according to the Fight Mall page, the discount will only be available for 30 days, meaning that if you don’t acquire her right now then you’ll be paying a full £100 or PHP 6,681.83 if you want to have her later on.

Alternatively, you can still have Sakura in her usual sailor uniform through the standard gacha banner as a B-grade fighter without having to spend real-world currency. You can use the game’s currency to pull for her. However, note that the two Sakuras are separate playable characters that have different moves and stats.