Fate/Extra Record New Trailer Revealed

A second trailer for Fate/Extra Record, a remake of the dungeon crawler and visual novel game initially launched for PSP on July 22, 2010, was shown by Type-Moon.


The Fate/Extra Wada Arco exhibition in Japan, which runs from July 21 to August 9, 2022, is where the trailer made its debut. The character designer for the Extra series in the Fate franchise is the renowned artist Wada Arco. Popular characters like Saber Nero and Caster Tamamo were created by her. She is now known to English-speaking anime fans as the Mama of Hololive EN VTuber Ouro Kronii.

Additional gameplay videos and remake artwork are also shown in the exhibition. A few days after the show started, some camrips of the trailer were posted online. But after previewing the teaser during the FGO 7th anniversary event for "Re:Collection of Avalon le Fae," Type-Moon finally posted it on July 31.

Along with brand-new footage of Reality Marble, the teaser included more of the characters that will appear in Fate/Extra. For those who weren't acquainted, the narration of the teaser swiftly recapitulated the idea of the Moon Holy Grail War: how eventually only one Wizard would survive and have their desire realized.

Fate EXTRA Record Worldview
The world's mana reserves officially ran out in 2030 in this alternate version of the destiny series. 128 people are chosen to take part in a battle utilizing servants against other masters inside the Tsukumihara Academy, a fake setting manufactured by the Moon Cell. The Holy Grail, which may grant any wish, is given to the victor, while the losers are removed from the Moon Cell and eventually pass away in the physical world.


In the dungeon-crawling role-playing game Fate EXTRA Record, players battle a master and a servant after coming across creatures made by the Moon Cell. Players provide one of three orders during a six-move turn in turn-based combat. Each command is intended to be used in opposition to a different move; for example, Attack defeats Breaks, Breaks destroys an opponent's Guard, and Guards effectively thwarts Attacks. essentially asking you to anticipate the opponent's responses to a succession of rock-paper-scissors games.

On a livestream starring Kana Ueda (Tohsaka Rin) and Kazuya Nino in July 2020 to commemorate the original game's 10th anniversary, Fate/Extra Record was revealed. Check out our detailed recap of the live webcast, which includes some gameplay and all the information presented. The feed also had remarks from Takashi Takeuchi and Nasu, who were covered separately.


There have been no platform announcements or release dates given for Fate/Extra Record. Kazuya Nino has previously said he wants to make the remake available on as many platforms as he can. The official game website is still only showing teasers.

Last but not least, it's significant to note that Type-Moon has formally confirmed the remake's title with this trailer: "Fate/Extra Record." "Fate/Extra Record" was only a working title up to this point. They chose to retain it.