Fate/Grand Order Arcade Game will no longer add new characters after Muramasa

Sega and Lasengle have announced that after Muramasa has been added to the playable roster of Fate/Grand Order Arcade Game, they will no longer add any more servants to the game. After Murasama joins the roster, the total playable characters of the game will be 120.

fgo arcade.jpg

The developers will still continue to work on the title. They will increase the rate of re-runs and they will continue to hand out tickets every month for players to use in the game’s gacha system. It might also sound that the game will no longer have new contents but that is not the case as the developers assured that they will still continue to host new events as well as bring back previous events and issue balance patches to the characters. Add to that, the game will be holding its national tournament this summer.


In case you didn’t know Fate/Grand Order Arcade, is an action-combat adaptation of the popular mobile game from Delightworks and then Lasengle. It has a similar story beats as well as characters from the mobile game but instead of it being a turn-based RPG, Fate/Grand Order Arcade is a 3v3 arena team battler. In the game, players can directly control the servants and attack their opponents using cards in a 3D Arena.

PvE and PvP modes are available for players to obtain materials, EXP, and other valuable resources to further enhance their characters and increase their ranking. But same with the mobile game, the characters are pulled from the gacha system of the game. As it is an arcade machine, players will need to put at least 100 yen per pull. The Servants and craft essences they will receive will appear as real cards that they can scan to show player progress.