Fate/Grand Order : First Impressions and Review of a Beginner

I bet once in your time visiting classic games and franchises that have been around for long, there are moments you might have saw or heard a reference from the Fate franchise. Either it's chanting of the Unlimited Blade Works or the Padoru when the Ber months hit. The Fate franchise is undoubtedly a titan in this generation. Together with its success with their current anime, Fate / Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia and the anticipated release of the Camelot Singularity Movies. Let's take a look at Fate / Grand Order, the mobile game.

Fate / Grand Order is an online, turn-based multiplayer game developed by Delightworks and published by Aniplex.This game is based on Type-Moon's Fate/stay night franchise albeit in an alternate universe. The player will play the role of a "Master" that can summon "Servants" which are notable figures of the past regarding history, literature, and even deities and objects that personified into a person. As a master, you command them to battle in order to defeat enemies along the way. The game follows a visual novel structure that you follow in order to progress. While the main questline is permanent. Some in-game events require you to finish a certain part of the story so that you can participate in events. FGO launched at Japan in 2015, followed by the global version 2 years later in 2017.

The main plot revolves you, a master in the Organization called Chaldea which is a secret organization that is the main focus is to prevent destruction of humanity that is caused by multiple anomalies called Singularities. These singularities are timelines that had a Holy Grail causing chaos in it turning the said timeline to a distorted one. Events that should not have happened appeared in those events and it is up to the player and their partner, Mash Kyrielight to fix it otherwise the humanity will be incinerated. It's best to leave the specifics of the plot unmentioned here so that new players that will read this will enjoy it on their own time. It's worth uncovering it bit by bit.

As for the graphics, the game has an animated graphics closely resembling their anime counterparts although in quests, they are much smaller so that the whole battle scene can be seen. The main artist for the game is Takashi Takeuchi but some characters are drawn by various guest artists like Cleopatra and Edmond Dantes where they were drew by Rui Komatsuzaki, the main concept artist for Danganronpa. It's also worth noting that these characters resemble Danganronpa characters to an extent too. So there are varied artists with their unique art that players would find interesting.

Gameplay, now this will be an interesting topic. FGO has a dated gameplay mechanic noted by players and those who observe the game from their peers. Others have been asking for a revamp because they say that it is boring or so but it is indeed still fun to plan out your moves if you immersed yourself with the deeper statistics and factors in the game. The servants in the game has several classes, each with their own advantages and disadvantages to other classes. We have the Knight Classes which consist of Saber, Lancer and Archer, the Cavalry Classes such as Rider, Caster, Assassin and Berserker, then finally the Extra Classes which includes Shielder, Avenger, Ruler, Moon Cancer, Foreigner and Alter Ego. They each have Class Advantages, and each classes have different star gathering and star absorption for crits, NP Gains for using the Noble Phantasm or their ultimate ability and more.

Since FGO is a gacha game, it has different rates for each number of servants. Ranging from 1 Star to 5 Star. The Gacha is unforgiving and it has been a trademark of the game. The rates of an SSR or a 5 star can get so low as lower than 1% but it is not impossible to get one, some players are lucky enough to nab one. Besides there are GSSR Banners, which means you can get a guaranteed 5 star servant in a roll if you use paid version of Saint Quartz, their rolling material. However, the beauty of the game is that every servant is usable in a certain niche and even someone as low as a 1 Star can help you in the game. Characters such as Arash with an NP that can clear a wave, is always valuable even to the veterans of the game. Other examples include Spartacus, Leonidas and Georgios for their usability despite being a 1 star servant. You can also borrow servants of other people as long as you are friends with them. Making you able to use some servants that are either rare or gamebreaking. So, in a sense, FGO is not pay to win but it is hell to collectors, especially those who love certain if not majority of characters.

The music is unparalleled with background music that matches the tone of the environment. Are you having a reprieve in the Mountains in Camelot? Are you in the Bustling Streets of Uruk in Babylonia or maybe you are facing the final bosses in the Final Mission, they got you covered with those epic background music that will get you hyped for a mobile game. Below are one of the music that the game has, be careful and don't read the comments to avoid spoilers for when the music drops.

With the game being consistently being supported by the developers and the fans, it is no wonder that the game is very popular until today. The game has garnered $4 BILLION in total revenue at the end of 2019. The game is funded by love and salt of the players. Shown with additional media being served right now, the anime, Fate / Grand Order, Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia being reined in as one of the best of its season and the upcoming movies: Fate / Grand Order Camelot - the Shining Airgetlám, the series will continue to churn more media and the players and fans will definitely love it. The game is beloved even if they do not get their favorite characters, which they mock their own salt, it is the ultimate challenge for those collectors who are deeply fond of history and literature since they have different characters that you will love and enjoy. Even now the game has been releasing content and since the JP server is 2 years ahead of the NA or the global server, expect content for more years to come. Part 2 of the Main Storyline is coming this April so if you plan to dive in the Fate franchise and asking for an easy access before wanting to learn more, Fate/Grand Order is the game for you!