Fate/Grand Order has topped the Golden Week Revenue Chart once again!

During the Golden Week in Japan, it was revealed by Sensor Tower that Fate/Grand Order was the mobile game that made the most revenue at that time. For those that don’t know, Golden Week is a public holiday period that ran from April 27 to May 6, 2024.


During that week, the game raked in over $15 million, surpassing Monster Strike by over $3 million more. Take note, Monster Strike has more daily active users than Fate/Grand Order did but the game earned more, which makes this the second year in a row that Fate/Grand Order emerged in the first place of the Golden Week earning charts. Aside from the two, there are more games included in the list like Nikke: Goddess of Victory, Arknights, Honkai: Star Rail, and Genshin Impact.

fgo sensor tower.png

One of the factors that may have helped in the game topping the charts might be the Kumano Hot Springs Killer Case event that ran from April 26 to May 17, 2024 in the Japanese server. This was the collaboration event of the game with the Witch on the Holy Night. At the event, a Berserker version of Shizuki was obtained by the players for free while for the gacha, the Servants included were Aoko (SSR Foreigner) and Alice (SSR Caster).

Kumano Hot Springs Killer Case.png

Lilim Harlot.png

Back in 2023, it was the game’s first Lilim Harlot event that helped in making Fate/Grand Order topped the Golden Week earning chart. Due to the chance that players have in obtaining the Sodom’s Beast/Draco in the gacha, it was what may have pushed the players in spending money for it which resulted in the game getting the first place, as the character is known for being very powerful. Currently, a limited time re-run for the Lilim Harlot event is ongoing in the Fate/Grand Order Japanese server.