Fate/Grand Order Ooku Event Challenges Players in a Labyrinth

Fate/Grand order has a new event that has been put to place several days after the conclusion of the White Day Event.


Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth Ooku Event will be only playable for players that have already completed the Lostbelt 3. The overview of the event was that most of the staff and servants of Chaldea vanished, for some strange reason. Teaming up with Kiara Sessyoin, players must track down the cause of these strange disappearances that lead them now in 17th century Japan during the Edo Period. Players must uncover the dark mysteries behind the chambers of Ooku.

This event will also add a new Servant named Kama. You'll get Kama through the premium summoning gacha. Kama is a 5-star rated assassin and her Quick Element, Noble Phantasm, could charm an enemy temporarily. Joining Lancer Parvati, Alter Ego Passionslip, Kingprotea, Meltryllis, and BB, Kama is inspired by the persona of Fate/Grand Order's Sakura Matou.

Players will need to bring their strongest team to withstand the challenges and defeat enemies in the Tokugawa Labyrinth. Thankfully, the game will award attack strength bonuses to the servants, with some getting additional bond points if used in clearing quests.

This event will last until April 5th and is available on mobile devices.