Fate/Grand Order's 2nd Arc Cosmos in the Lostbelt Released today with updates

Fate fans truly are in for a treat, especially those who have been playing the hit mobile game, Fate/Grand Order, with its immense popularity after the success of its anime and the continued rise of its grossing sales, it is no wonder that the game is getting the support from their developers and the players kept supporting the game that the global version is reaching its 3rd anniversary soon. With its continued success, it is no surprise that we will be getting more surprises and treats like advancing content that is further in the Japanese server. Such is the surprise of some players when the latest Chaldea Broadcasting Stream gave them advanced content. The second arc, Cosmos in the Lostbelt has been announced way ahead of its planned released date.

This arc comes after the first arc which involves the 7 singularities to avoid the incineration of humanity by the Demon God Goetia. This has been shown in their anime series such as the First Order, the Absolute Demonic Front: Babylonia, and the future movie, Divine Round Table: Camelot. These involve the singularities in the game. After the defeat of Goetia and the eradication of the remaining Demon God Pillars lurking in the Epic of Remnant side-arc. The protagonist, which is the master, our character, must face the Lostbelts. Lostbelts are the time period where in some alternate timelines, humanity has reached a dead-end causing stagnation in their periods. There would be 7 Lostbelts that we need to face once more to save humanity from these timelines.

This story arc has been known in JP as one of the most intense and contains good story overall. There would be a lot of emotional and amazing moments that fans of the series would like to see in the game. There would also be a lot more historical figures that would appear in these Lostbelts which are summonable ofcourse, in their respective banners and some in the story banner once you have cleared each Lostbelt. The first Lostbelt which is playable today is the Permafrost Empire, Anastasia which appears to be Russia where it is eternally cold due to some catastrophic event happening in their timeline. Having recently escaped their demise, Chaldea's remaining staff, you and Mash will need to defeat the first Lostbelt in order to have a chance in having a chance to defeat the rest. Notable servants in this story would be Atalanta which if you have played the First Arc, you would have met a lot of times already. Although this version of Atalanta is in her Alter form. Then you would have Ivan the Terrible, Avicebron and finally Anastasia.

The Crypters. Former Team A of Chaldea. Now Masters of each Lostbelts

But aside from the release of second arc earlier than expected. Animation updates were given ahead of time. Some of them would have released in a few more months and others even a year in advance than their original release. So it would be indeed a treat for the players who have wanted to see the improvements of their favorite servant's animations. Such characters that have their animations improved are Mash, Medea Lily, Jing Ke, Kiyohime, Fuuma Kotarou, Martha, and Edmond Dantes. They have promised that they would be doing their best to advance more content in the future so it is indeed a great news to know.

Finally, as a part of the sharing campaign of the Chaldea Broadcast, they have fulfilled their promise of 10 Saint Quartz to roll on your favorite servants in the banner or to save from a future servant. They even added 3 and with the maintenance over, expect 4 more in the inbox. Making a total of 17 SQs, that is very beneficial if you really want to try your luck in one of the servants in the banner of the Lostbelt. Well, this is a gacha game after all, gacha hell even, but do your best fellow Masters!

Atalanta Alter, nicknamed as Nyalter by the Community

2020, despite having a lot of bad things happening now, seems to have a silver lining for players of FGO. Locked down at home but blessed with content ingame. That being said. I hope everyone is doing the right thing by just staying home, either working or having to stay in quarantine to avoid the new pandemic. Veterans and new players of FGO, are you excited on the latest updates of the game? Tell us more in the comments below!

For more hype in the future lostbelt, here is the trailer of the story arc itself!


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thanks for the info. been waiting for this
Haven't we all in the NA server of the game? HAHAHA. Finished this within 2 days despite having few servants that are high levelled. Support Merlin and Wavers are key to victory with my Jalter