Fate/Samurai Remnant is set to release in Japan later on September, new gameplay trailer leaked

In a now-private video posted to the PlayStation Japan Twitter account, publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force said that Fate/Samurai Remnant will be launching for 9,680 Japanese Yen (roughly 3,800 PHP) on September 28 in Japan for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC via Steam.


Because the video was probably released earlier than intended, the western release date is still unknown. However, Koei Tecmo global releases often go on sale one day later in the west; hence, September 29 is the most likely date for the global release.

About the Game​

Omega Force, the company that created the Dynasty Warriors video games, created the action role-playing game. Samurai Remnant is set in Japan, much as the title suggests. The protagonist is the samurai Miyamoto Iori, who is the adopted son of Fate/Grand Order's Female Miyamoto Mushashi and her student. Since the Musashi in the main F/GO chronology is intended to be a male, it is still unclear whether this occurs in her original timeline because this Musashi was initially introduced as coming from a parallel reality. To find out, we must wait.

Additionally, a number of never-before-seen servants have been displayed, including Iori's primary servant. The game's inclusion of Jeanne D'Arc Alter from F/GO, who appears to be the sole servant introduced thus far who is not Japanese, is also confirmed by the trailer.

Release Date Trailer​

The game's alternate Miyamoto Musashi costume will be given to pre-orderers, according to the trailer. In addition, the game will come in three separate limited editions:
  • Treasure Box (17,380 yen/6,833 PHP):
    • A copy of the game
    • Fate/Samurai Remnant material – Includes novel written by Fate scenario team.
    • Book of Kogyoku book cover (duodecimo)
    • Original soundtrack CD (one disc)
    • Command Spell Seals (x7)
    • B2-size cloth poster
  • Digital Deluxe including season pass (17,028 yen/6,695 PHP)
  • Treasure Box + Figure DX Version(49,380 yen/19,416 PHP)
    • Treasure Box content
    • Berserker / Musashi Miyamoto 1/7 scale figure DX version
For 7,700 yen (roughly 3,000 PHP), the Treasure Box's contents can also be bought separately from the game.