Father received the shock of his life when his daughter spent $20,000 in her in-game shopping spree on Genshin Impact

Mr. Lim Cheng Mong from Singapore was bewildered when his bank called him to inform that he had missed a payment that amounts to more than $20,000 in an overdue credit card debt linked to 89 mysterious transactions under his account.


"At first I thought I was scammed, but the credit card company said these were all legitimate transactions and there was nothing it could do," said Mr Lim, 56, who works as a product manager in a German company.

The billing was then trailed to his 18-year-old daughter’s Grab account that she uses for transportation expenses which was tied to Mr. Lim’s credit card. But without Mr. Lim knowing, his daughter linked her e-wallet to the mobile game Genshin Impact.

She then went on a six-week spending spree on the in-game shop from August to October to upgrade her character.

“I told her off and said it was a lot of money - one year’s worth of school fees if she were to go to an overseas university,” Mr Lim told The Straits Times. "She just spent the huge sum without blinking an eye.”

With how the digitalization upgrades each year, unfortunately, Mr.Lim’s case is becoming common. Younger generations keep on getting exposed to online spending transactions that parents have to bear the bills their children spend on in-game stores of mobile games.

With Mr. Lim’s daughter, he said that she spent up to $300 to buy random items in the in-game store in hope to get the needed items for her character to upgrade in Genshin Impact which Mr. Lim likened to gambling.


Because of this, Belgium has banned Genshin Impact in their country due to the game’s gacha mechanic, which the country views as a form of gambling.

Companies that deal with digital payments are now warning parents to make sure to set notifications on their e-wallets to keep tabs and be alerted of their children’s spending.

Thankfully, Mr. Lim recovered around $10,000 from his bank which he said was done out of goodwill. Due to this incident, Mr. Lim hopes that the authorities review the enforcement of online transactions especially when children are involved.

"We as parents have totally no control. It is a disaster waiting to happen and I want to make sure more parents are aware of it."