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Feb 7, 2021
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Charlton Beltran
Needless to say, nobody is born an avid gamer. - Satoru Iwata

The aforementioned quote can be applied not only in being a gamer but also to any profession or skill in life most especially writing. Content writing is not just a life skill but also a passion that strengthens with work and ripens with a burning fire in one's heart.

This is Wolf395. I started becoming interested in gaming ever since I learned how to walk. I'm a 90's kid! Yes, I was around when the days of arcades where slowly dying and Playstation was beginning to take over the gaming scene. I spent most of my life in the Middle East being born, raised, educated there and even working there for two years and ten months before settling down in my Motherland, the Philippines.

I started writing when I was about nine to ten. They were basic short write-ups. I frequented essay writing contests as a child and teen as I wasn't sporty growing up. I also was bullied a lot so I resorted to either gaming or writing as two escape worlds where I could freely express the self.

Yes, introverts, you are not alone! Together, gaming and content writing creates an ideal world for modern-day electronic sports and self-expression. May we be able to share the love and passion of both worlds! Good cheers!

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