February 2023 Update 0.9.45 Patch Notes for New State: Mobile has been revealed by Krafton

The newest February 2023 Update for the mobile game New State: Mobile has been released by Krafton. The devs have included a new map, along with more weapon balance changes and other customization improvements, following a significant amount of weapon balance changes in January 2023. The February 2023 Update in New State: Mobile will reveal additional modifications that have been made.


The release date of the patch notes has not been formally confirmed by the publisher, however it is rumored that it will be made live on February 23 following the regularly scheduled maintenance from 0:00 to 06:00. (UTC).

New State: Mobile Patch 0.9.45 New Map Update​

The update will include the debut of the eagerly awaited Lagna map from the game. Compared to Troi and Erangel, the 4x4 KM battle royale map has a few unique elements and will include places like Estacion, Plant, Domeno, and Delta Lab. Lagna was created with ridges and all of the game's weapons to favor mid- to long-range battles and was built with a desert and wasteland concept.


Lagna will also be introducing two brand-new vehicles, the Rex pickup truck and the Acton electric quad bike. These two new vehicles are joined on this map by the Buggy, Vulture, Waverider, and Aqua Rail. Lagna also debuts the cable car, a brand-new ride.

New State: Mobile Patch 0.9.45 Weapon Balance Update​

MK47 Mutant (C2)​

The MK47 Mutant rifle now features the C2 custom tracking bullet. The position of an opponent is shown for ten seconds after a player hits them with a tracking bullet. Players can check the enemy's site within the prescribed period even when the enemy takes cover because the location is shared by everyone in the team. The damage is enhanced as the tracking bullets are customized. The drawback, though, is that players won't be able to use the magazine slot and their ability to manage recoil will be reduced.

Fixing recoil motion on screen​


The game has now balanced the shooting's subsequent screen-recoiling motion. The issue is that when utilizing the S686, S1897, TommyGun, and P90 with a 2x scope, the recoiling motion on the screen was not implemented properly.
  • For the P90, the motion of recoil has been increased.
  • Overall, the SR firearms' screen recoiling motion has been lessened.
  • For Mini-14 and SL8, the screen's recoiling motion is reduced.

New State: Mobile Patch 0.9.45 Map and Mode Updates​

The game has changed the balance of the Battle Royale rules.
  • As players move further away from the safe area, Blue Zone damage increases, making it challenging to remain outside the Blue Zone in the second half of the phase.
  • The Drone Store no longer has a maximum weight restriction for a single purchase.
  • The amount of time left before a player in Battle Royale can utilize the Green Flare Gun is shown when they are watching their comrades after they die. Additionally, players can show their redeployment status to their team members.
  • There is now a button to ask for redeployment. Now, a radio message to the teammates can be used to request redeployment.
  • Players can now open the door while reloading.
  • All weapons have infinite magazines enabled in training mode, allowing for unlimited shooting without the need for ammo.
  • Also, no gasoline is used when any vehicle is operated in training mode. Thus, one can travel the entire distance by car.

Other Updates​

  • Players can configure each of the Drive/Get In/Door buttons now that they are separated.
  • In order to reduce shaking when adjusting the free look, vertical sensitivity has been modified to move more slowly than horizontal sensitivity.
  • On the in-game screen, the current and maximum frames are now shown in the bottom right corner.
  • Sensitivity levels will now be referred to as "Medium/High/Very High" instead of "Low/Medium/High."
  • Players will be able to adjust the sensitivity on a five-level scale thanks to the addition of Very Low and Low sensitivity settings.
  • The default setting for sensitivity when creating a new account is set to Low.

Legendary Costume Tokens​

  • Legendary Costume Level-up Token Exchange has been added. At the Legendary Costume Level-up Token Exchange, two exclusive tokens for each theme are consumed and can be exchanged with one Costume Level-up Token.
  • When players upgrade a legendary costume, they can use exclusive tokens for each theme and costume level-Up tokens.
  • When players upgrade using two different tokens, the exclusive tokens for each theme will be used first.
  • It has been improved to let you set the character’s appearance differently for each preset

UI Changes and Survivor Pass Volume 16​


  • The dressing room's background has been modified. The custom match filter now includes the "All" option. Jenny Quick from New State is the main character in Survivor Pass Vol. 16. Obtain her face skin for free by completing all story missions.
  • By upgrading to the Premium Pass, players can get the ‘New State Jenny Quick’ costume set.
  • By purchasing Premium Plus, players will get immediate access to richer rewards. If players purchase the Premium Pass and reach a certain pass level, all NCs will be reimbursed.