Female Pro League (FEPL) Mobile Legends Tournament Season 7 Kick-off - 8 teams qualified for Group Stage

The Female Pro League (FEPL) is a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament which is a female premier pro league in the Philippines. After a break, FEPL is back for its 7th season wherein the registration was opened to every team and then, 8 teams will qualify for the Group Stage Kick-off. FEPL Season 7 Day 1 started May 24, 2023 with the qualifying 8 teams had their match-ups in a best-of-2 series. The 8 teams that qualified are IDNS Winx, WPE Vixens, ELG Valkyrie, ZOL FE, Smart Omega Empress, Lycan Esports FE, G Esports FE, and Gentle Giants Fairlady Esports (GGFE).


Here are the results for the Day 1 Group Stage Kick-off of FEPL S7:

Gentle Giants FE won 2-0 vs G Esports FE
ELG Valkyrie tied the match vs ZOL FE, 1-1
Omega Empress won 2-0 vs Lycan Esports FE
IDNS Winx tied the match vs WPE Vixens, 1-1


The schedule for the succeeding matches in the Group Stage is yet to be announced. The tournament mentioned via their Facebook livestream that the teams are fighting to gain as many points as possible in the Group stage and it will eventually determine who will advance to the next stage. Visit the official Female Pro League Facebook Page for their official posts and announcements.

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