Female Pro League (FEPL) Season 5 Mobile Legends Tournament Grand Finals - Z4 FE Vs. Gentle Giants FE

The Grand Finals of Female Pro League (FEPL) Season 5, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament, is the Best-of-5 series between Gentle Giants FE and Z4 Esports FE. Gentle Giants FE did not lose a game in their way to Grand Finals while Z4 Esports FE came from the lower bracket. Z4 Esports FE won this best-of-5 series in four games, 3-1, against Gentle Giants FE.


Gentle Giants FE (GGFE) dominated the upper bracket playoffs. They swept all of their opponents, 2-0, in their path to Grand Finals. In Round 1, GGFE won 2-0 against Voltes PH Vixens. Then in upper bracket semi-finals, they swept IDNS Winx. In the upper bracket finals, they were victorious versus ODK Valkyrie. Their only lost in this playoffs is in the Grand Finals. They lost Game 1 and Game 2 against Z4 Esports FE before winning Game 3. Z4 Esports FE prevailed in a close Game 4 that could have went either way.


Z4 Esports FE also met ODK Valkyrie as the latter fell to the lower bracket and Z4 Esports FE won 2-0 in the lower bracket finals that led them to the Grand Finals. Z4 Esports fell to the lower bracket early as they lost 2-1 against Devilz District Valstrax in Round 1. But then, Z4 Esports FE climbed further as they won their best-of-1 games versus GPE Hermana, IDNS Winx, and Rocka Lunastra.

Here is the video stream of FEPL S5 Grand Finals:

Z4 Esports FE is the FEPL Season 5 Champion. Gentle Giants FE finished as second placer. ODK Valkyrie is the 3rd placer and Rocka Lunastra finished 4th. IDNS Winx and Devilz District Valstrax finished the tournament as 5th-6th placers. Voltes PH Vixens and GPE Hermana are 7th-8th placers. That concludes the FEPL Season 5!

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