Female Pro League (FEPL) Season 5 Mobile Legends Tournament Playoffs Day 2 Results

The playoffs of the Female Pro League (FEPL) Season 5 continues as this Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament enters Day 2 of the Playoffs Stage. The eight playoffs teams were shuffled and then in Day 1, the match-ups determined which teams will be in the lower bracket and upper bracket. The playoffs is in a double-elimination bracket format thus, losing in upper bracket will make a team fall to lower bracket. Losing in the lower bracket will be eliminated and in Day 2, two teams exited the tournament. The Day 2 of this playoffs featured the two best-of-3 upper bracket series and the two best-of-1 lower bracket series.


The second day of the playoffs opened up with the upper bracket match of ODK Valkyrie and the Indonesian team, Devilz District Valstrax. ODK Valkyrie managed to win via sweep, 2-0, behind great team efforts. In Game 1, GENNN's Karrie was chosen as the game MVP and in Game 2, KATEEE's Faramis was chosen as the MVP of that game. ODK Valkyrie GENNN is the series MVP where she used Karrie in Game 1 and Beatrix in Game 2. Devilz District Valstrax fell to the lower bracket after this series as ODK Valkyrie proceeds further in the upper bracket.

The other upper bracket match-up is the direct-invite, Gentle Giants FE, versus IDNS Winx. Gentle Giants FE won Game 1 with UNSUPER SHIN using Franco as the MVP of the first game. In Game 2, Gentle Giants also won this game to complete the sweep with UNSUPER ANG as the game 2 MVP and series MVP as she played Julian in Game 1 and Esmeralda for Game 2. Gentle Giants FE will face ODK Valkyrie in the Semi-Finals Round wherein the winner will take the first slot for the Grand Finals. Meanwhile, IDNS Winx fell to the lower bracket for the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals.


The third series of the day is a lower bracket best-of-1 match, which is between GPE Hermana versus Z4 Esports FE. GPE Hermana lost that cause them to be eliminated from the playoffs. Meanwhile, Z4 Esports FE will move on to the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals. The MVP of this game is Annie?'s Atlas.

Voltes PH Vixens versus Rocka Lunastra is the last series of the day. This was also a best-of-1 lower bracket series. Rocka Lunastra won and thus will proceed to the Lower Bracket Quarterfinals. Rocka Lunastra's Zaira is the MVP of the game using the hero Lylia. On the other hand, Voltes PH Vixens is now eliminated from this tournament and will finish as 7th-8th placer.

Here is the video stream of FEPL in their official YouTube channel for S5 Playoffs Day 2:

The playoffs will continue for Day 3 tomorrow, July 28, 2022. The expected matches will be the Best-of-3 series of the two teams in the upper bracket and Best-of-1 matches in the lower bracket. GPE Hermana and Voltes PH Vixens are the 7th-8th placers for FEPL Season 5.

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