Female Pro League (FEPL) Season 5 Mobile Legends Tournament Playoffs Semi-finals Day Results

The third day of the playoffs of Female Pro League (FEPL) Season 5 was full of intense matches as there were four elimination games and the remaining upper bracket match. This Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament is down to only 6 teams remaining in the playoffs for Day 3. The format is in double-elimination, Best-of-3 for the upper bracket and the two bracket finals, while the remaining lower bracket match-ups are Best-of-1. Here are the results of the five matches that happened in FEPL S5 Day 3 Playoffs - Semi-finals Round.


The action-packed day started with the two lower bracket elimination Best-of-1 matches of Z4 Esports FE Vs. IDNS Winx and Devilz District Valstrax Vs. Rocka Lunastra. Z4 Esports FE won against IDNS Winx. The MVP of this game is xhelrax using the hero Ling. On the other hand, Rocka Lunastra eliminated the remaining non-PH team, Devilz District Valstrax from Indonesia. The MVP of the game is ZAIRA using the hero Cecilion.

The third series of the day is the upper bracket Best-of-3 match of Gentle Giants FE and ODK Valkyrie. Gentle Giants FE won the series via a 2-0 sweep with UNSUPER DAZZ as the series MVP using Cecilion in Game 1 and Lylia in Game 2. ODK Valkyrie fell to the lower bracket and faced the winner of the fourth match in the Best-of-3 lower bracket finals. Gentle Giants FE will be the first one to secure a Grand Finals spot.


The fourth match is the best-of-1 lower bracket semi-finals match of Z4 Esports FE versus Rocka Lunastra. Z4 Esports FE won this series and thus, faced ODK Valkyrie in the lower bracket finals. The hero MVP of the game is Annie?'s Lolita. Rocka Lunastra exits the tournament as the 4th placer.

The lower bracket finals is the best-of-3 series between ODK Valkyrie and Z4 Esports FE. The winner of this match-up took the remaining the Grand Finals spot. Z4 Esports FE won this series, 2-0 and the MVP of the series is Annie? using the hero Khufra in Game 1 and Ruby in Game 2. ODK Valkyrie finished this tournament as 3rd placer while Z4 Esports FE moved on to get the last Grand Finals spot.

Here is the video stream of FEPL for S5 Playoffs Day 3:

The playoffs will finish with the Best-of-5 Grand Finals match on Saturday, July 30, 2022. The teams that will be playing in that final round are the upper bracket winner, Gentle Giants FE and the lower bracket finals winner, Z4 Esports FE. IDNS Winx and Devilz District Valstrax finished the tournament as 5th-6th placers. Rocka Lunastra is the 4th placer and ODK Valkyrie is the 3rd placer in FEPL Season 5.

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