Female Pro League (FEPL) Season 6 Mobile Legends Tournament Grand Finals - MHRLK G-unit Vs. Rocka Azure

The Grand Finals of Female Pro League (FEPL) Season 6, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament, is the Best-of-5 series between MHRLK G-unit and Rocka Azure. MHRLK G-unit is the first team to qualify for the Grand Finals after winning upper bracket while Rocka Azure had to grind after they fell to the lower bracket and managed to win against Gentle Giants FE. Rocka Azure swept Gentle Giants FE, 2-0, in the lower bracket finals to advance and faced MHRLK G-unit in the Grand Finals.


Gentle Giants FE (GGFE) dominated Rocka Azure in Round 1 with a 2-0 sweep that led to Rocka Azure to the lower bracket. Afterwards, Rocka Azure had to win best-of-1 series against ODK Valkyrie, Sisters of Doom, and M11 Eisha before being able to face GGFE again to defeat them on their second meet this season. It means that after losing against GGFE in Round 1, Rocka Azure is in a 5-game winning streak entering the finals.


On the other hand, MHRLK G-unit won 2-0 against M11 Eisha in Round 1 to qualify to the upper bracket. Then, they won swept both Sisters of Doom and GGFE in the upper bracket, 2-0. MHRLK G-unit is still undefeated in this tournament, not even losing a single game.

For the Grand Finals, it was a best-of-5 series. It was a close match as Game 3, MHRLK G-unit won and then, Rocka Azure won Game 4 to tie the series 2-2. It led to Game 5 wherein the game is still as close as it gets. Rocka Azure base-locked in Game 5 while MHRLK G-unit tried to wipe them out. MHRLK G-unit was the one defending their own base against the attack of Rocka Azure. MHRLK G-unit was almost successful to wipe them out but then a last basic attack managed to end the game. Rocka Azure won the series 3-2.


Rocka Azure is the FEPL Season 6 Champion. They are also qualified to join the battle of champions for FEPL as planned to be done in November 2022. MHRLK G-unit is the 2nd placer while Gentle Giants FE is the 3rd placer. This concludes the FEPL Season 6!

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