Female Pro League (FEPL) Season 6 Mobile Legends Tournament Playoffs Round Results

The Female Pro League (FEPL) sixth season, a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament, continues for its Playoffs Stage. The eight teams qualified for the playoffs are shuffled and put into a double-elimination bracket format. The Day 1 of this playoffs featured the first round which is a best-of-3 series that will determine which teams will move on to the upper bracket and which teams will fall to the lower bracket. Then, the bracket continues until only two teams will be remaining for the Grand Finals. Here are the results for the first day of the FEPL Season 6 playoffs.


The playoffs commenced with the MHRLK G-unit versus the Indonesian team, M11 Eisha. MHRLK G-unit managed to sweep this best-of-3 series, 2-0, that put M11 Eisha to the lower bracket. The second series was Sisters of Doom versus MOB ELITE FE. This series also ended in a sweep with Sisters of Doom winning 2-0.

Gentle Giants FE, one of the direct invites for the playoffs after finishing as first runner-up last Season 5, swept Rocka Azure for the third series of the day, 2-0. Gentle Giants FE will proceed in Round 2 in the upper bracket while Rocka Azure will be in lower bracket. Z4 Ravens versus ODK Valkyrie was the last series of the day. This is the only series that pushed onto Game 3 and this series ended with Z4 Ravens winning 2-1. ODK Valkyrie was the other direct-invite for the playoffs after finishing 2nd runner-up last season 5.


The upper bracket match-ups ended in both sweeps with MHRLK G-unit and Gentle Giants FE proceeded to the upper bracket finals. In their best-of-3 match-up, MHRLK G-unit won 2-0 to send Gentle Giants FE to the lower bracket. MHRLK G-unit will advance to the Grand Finals.

In the lower bracket, M11 Eisha and Rocka Azure won their first round series eliminating MOB ELITE FE and ODK Valkyrie, respectively. Then, these two also eventually meet to face each other after M11 Eisha won versus Z4 Ravens and Rocka Azure won versus Sisters of Doom. Rocka Azure won 1-0 against M11 Eisha and thus will proceed to the semi-finals to face Gentle Giants FE for the last slot in the Grand Finals.


The playoffs will continue on October 4, 2022. It will be the semi-finals series of Rocka Azure and Gentle Giants FE. The winner of that series will face MHRLK G-unit in a best-of-5 Grand Finals series. Check out the official Facebook page of FEPL for the announcements.

FEPL is the first female premier pro league that has not only Philippine teams but also caters teams outside of Philippines. FEPL Season 6 is organized by Cerebrum Medium Incorporation and PinoyGamer is an official media partner.

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