Female Pro League (FEPL) Season 6 Mobile Legends Tournament Regular Season Results

The Female Pro League (FEPL) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament kicks off their 6th season with the best-of-1 Single elmination format Regular Season. FEPL is a female premier pro league that has both Philippine teams and also caters teams outside of Philippines just like the Season 6 Team M11 Eisha from Indonesia. The sixth season was scheduled to be held from September 20, 2022 to September 29, 2022. But because of Typhoon Karding that struck the Philippines, the date was moved starting Day 4 of the regular season. The regular season just ended which lasted for 4 days from September 20-22 for the first three days then Day 4 was moved to September 28, 2022. Here are the results for the whole regular season and the teams that made it to the playoffs.


The regular season is in a Single Elimination, Best-of-1 format.

To start the week, day 1, September 20, 2022.
  • Sisters of Doom won versus Pointbreak Chixx
  • Vixens Glory won versus AXG Levana
  • ZOL Eastcreek won versus Z4 Athenas
  • BatStateU Lady Spartans won versus Vongola Phrixa
  • Z4 Ravens won versus AXG Chryseis
  • Liberatus Azura won versus Aero Higanbana
  • OTOG Fenrir won versus Caedite Lunatic
  • Rocka Azure won versus ELG Valkyrie
Day 2: September 21, 2022
  • TGE Scarlet won versus Naughty Vixens
  • M11 Eisha won versus Deadly Storm Jacy
  • VRNXSUE Fatalynx won versus Celestial Asteri
  • Sisters of Doom won versus Anygame Pandora
  • IDNS Winx won versus Vixen Glory
  • MOB Elite FE won versus ZOL Eastcreek
  • Celestial Enchantress won versus MOB Esports FE
Day 3: September 22, 2022
  • PNX Valkyrie won versus BatStateU Lady Spartans
  • Z4 Ravens won versus Achlys Khaleesi
  • Liberatus Azura won versus Astraea FE
  • Rocka Azure won versus OTOG Fenrir
  • WPE Vixens won versus TGE Scarlet
  • M11 Eisha won versus Raise Zero
  • VRNXSUE Fatalynx won versus Voltes PH Vixens
  • MHRLK G-unit won versus Invictus Empress
Day 4: September 28, 2022
  • Sisters of Doom won versus IDNS Winx
  • MOB ELITE FE won versus Celestial Enchantress
  • Z4 Ravens won versus PNX Valkyrie
  • Rocka Azure won versus Liberatus Azura
  • M11 Eisha won versus WPE Vixens
  • MHRLK G-unit won versus VRNXSUE Fatalynx

The winners of the regular season will join the two direct-invite teams for the Playoffs. The Playoffs will be in double-elimination, Best-of-3 format. The new schedule for the Playoffs is to be announced along with the target schedule of the best-of-5 Grand Finals.

The Female Pro League is organized by Cerebrum Medium Incorporation. Visit the official Female Pro League Facebook Page for their official posts and announcements.

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