Female Pro League (FEPL) Season 7 Standings after three rounds of Group Stage

The double round-robin phase of the 7th season of the Female Pro League (FEPL) Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament has concluded. The eight qualified teams for Group Stage battled each other in a best-of-2 series. Round 1 ended with each team battling all the other teams and thus lead to 7 series each team. Round 2 and Round 3 ended after another two weeks of action to wrap up the second round robin. The official Facebook page of FEPL posted an updated team standings after all teams played 14 series already.


Smart Omega Empress leads every team with 37 points, only losing a single game in Round 1 and just another one in the second round robin. Each 2-0 win earned a team 3 points while 1-1 tie earned both teams 1 point. ZOL FE remained in second seed with 33 points, GGFE is third with 29 points, followed by WPE Vixens with 23 points to wrap up the first half of the standings. This same top 4 teams remained at their respective seeds since Round 1. ELG Valkyrie and G Esports FE are the fifth and sixth seed currently with 16 and 13 points respectively. The bottom two teams are IDNS Winx and the other team that was not able to play some of their games leading to their opponent getting 2-0 wins, which is the 8th seed Lycan Esports FE.


The tournament hasn't announced the playoff bracket yet but via their livestream in Day 14 of Group Stage, the casters mentioned that Smart Omega Empress, the first seed, will have a bracket position advantage over the rest. It was also mentioned that it seems they invited Maharlika Esports to be a direct invite to the playoffs but the said team won't be able to participate during the playoffs schedule. It is also uncertain if Lycan Esports FE will play in the playoffs as the livestream also mentioned that because Maharlika wouldn't be able to participate in the playoffs, no teams will be eliminated. This means even the 7th seed IDNS Winx will be able to advance to the playoffs.

The exact schedule for the grand battle Playoffs of FEPL Season 7 is yet to be announced as of release of the final Group Stage standings. It is still expected though that FEPL will follow its usual schedule to go live every Monday to Thursday. The tournament is available to be watched by audience virtually via Facebook or YouTube livestream. Visit the official Female Pro League Facebook Page for their official posts and announcements.

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