Female Pro League (FEPL) Tournament Season 7 announced postponement - to resume on Monday

The Female Pro League (FEPL) is a Mobile Legends: Bang Bang tournament in its 7th season already and is a premier female professional league. The tournament is currently in its Group Stage where the qualifying 8 teams had their respective match-ups in a best-of-2 series. Group Stage Day 5 is over as the teams already done 5 matches each. Instead of the schedule for Day 6 matches, FEPL announced postponement and the clarified the days when this season is going to be live.


In the official Facebook page of FEPL, it was announced that the tournament will be taking a short pause, thus no games was done Thursday, June 1, 2023. FEPL will resume on Monday, June 5, 2023 since the organizers of this tournament is also part of the preparation of the CONQuest Festival. This announcement was also broadcasted during their Day 5 Livestream after all of the matches. FEPL also clarified that the games for this Group Stage are only happening from Mondays to Thursdays thus their Day 2, which happened Thursday, took the next Monday for Day 3 to continue.

The schedule for the succeeding matches in the Group Stage is yet to be announced so watch out for the tournament's updates via their official social media platforms. The tournament is available to be watched by audience virtually via Facebook or YouTube livestream. Visit the official Female Pro League Facebook Page for their official posts and announcements.

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