Few More Grinds to go! Arknights Half-Year Anniversary Special Event

If you thought that the grind is over for now, well, like the old meme says, you thought wrong! Well, don't fret as it will give us more rewards than you ever thought and honestly, who doesn't like more rewards simply by just playing? That is why you are in the game anyways, well let's talk about Arknights' Half-Anniversary Special Event.

Arknights a.png

The Half-Anniversary Special Event is an event where you have to complete certain missions to obtain "Lantern Festival Treasure ". These will be the items you need in order to progress in the event. How to obtain them? You need to complete your daily missions everyday for 150 pieces of it. These will be refreshed together with your daily missions so there will be progression everyday as long as you don't slack off. However, if you want to advance even more. There are ways to do that, along with the daily missions you can obtain some with limited missions like

1.) Spending (x) Sanity
2.) Have Operators gain (x) EXP
3.) Spend (x) LMDs for Operators' upgrades and promotions.
4.) Spend (x) Credits in the Credit Store.
5.) Send (x) Clues to your Friends.
6.) Defeat a Total of (x) enemies in Annihilation Mode.
7.) Clear any Main Story Stages (x) times (0 Sanity Missions are not counted).
8.) Clear any Supplies (Dailies) Stages (x) times.
9.) Defeat a total of (x) Enemies.
10.) Use Recruitment (x) times.
11.) Assign (x) Operators to restore Morale in the Dormitory.
12.) Complete (x) Orders (in the Trading Post)
13.) Complete (x) Clue Exchanges during this event.
14.) Interact with Operators in the Base to increase their trust by (x) times.

Ofcourse, where (x) is the amount. See, the event usually compromised of dailies but with a huge more amount so there'll be some grinding but it won't have some special stages that you need to unlock so you can just continue what you are doing daily in the game without any problems. You basically need to do these stuff to progress in the game anyway so don't feel pressured as it is part of the game. Oh and before you wonder, this happened probably happened in the Lunar New Year back in CN and we are rushing the content to catch up with them so that is why we see Lunar Lanterns as rewards.

Arknights b.png

Rewards in this event are aplenty, some of which are Materials such as Manganese Ores and Grindstones, Skill Summaries, LMDs, Sanity Pots, EXP Cards, Chip Catalyst, Epic Defender Tokens, Furniture Parts, Limited Furniture and a Limited Gitano skin! Gitano is a useful AoE operator for those who lack some so she'll definitely see a lot of usage in your accounts. That's why you should play the event while it is still on.

Arknights c.png

But wait, there's still more! Remember that one event where it drops a mystery bag of random materials? Well it is back, with a different style, maps will drop "New Year's Lanterns" that will drop a variety of T1-T3 mats that you will definitely need. Definitely just farm while there's no active event right now and prepare for the future events such as Contingency Contract.

Arknights d.jpg

Arknights truly is a game for those who are on the go, usually we have these passive type of events but once in a while there will be active and hard events like CC. So if you feel like you need more progress, be active in this event, sure some supplies are off but you can always get them in the future, take what you can have and go from there!