FFXIV List of Common Errors and Issues


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Aug 12, 2015
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If you’re encountering these common issues with the game, please feel free to browse below for possible solutions. If you want to contribute. please post a comment with the error, solution, link and/screenshot in the comments section

Note: While we may be aware of certain errors and solutions, please note that we are not associated with Square Enix and Sony so we may not be able to answer every issue posted or encountered. If these solutions do not work for your issue, please make sure to contact Sony and Square Enix Support

Playstation Issues

Error: CE-30022-7 when attempting to launch the game.
Solution: reinstall the game
Source: FF14 Lodestone | SONY

Please help me find an English screenshot of this so I can replace this XD Thanks!

Error: “Cannot connect to server within the time limit” error when signing in on PS4. Solution: you might need to activate it on PS4 first. If not, Internet/ISP related issue; Power cycle your modem.

Error: 20GB Version Update Occurring When PlayStation4 Is Not Shut Down Properly
Solution: Update your PlayStation®4 system software to the latest version.
Source: Lodestone

Launcher Issues

Error: Patch error / unable to download patch files.
Solution: Internet/ISP-related issue; copy the game from someone or download using a reliable internet.

Alternative Solution if the first didn't work:
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Click on internet options
3. Click Advanced
4. Make sure "Always run or install software even if the certificate is invalid"
5. Open FF14 Client again.

Alternative Solution if the first two didn't work: Just open Internet Explorer, go to Internet Options > Connections and click LAN Settings. Check "Automatically Detect Settings" and click okay.

Error: Error 2146697211 during launcher boot.
Solution: Internet/ISP related issue; Power cycle your modem.

Error: Region-related errors
Solution: Ensure that your codes, keys, and FFXIV related purchases have the same region with your SE account. For example, ff your SE account is NA, then your CD Key must be NA as well.

Error: 2002 Lobby Connection Error.
Solution: Internet/ISP related issue; Power cycle your modem.

Error: Error 90002: Connection to the server was lost.
Solution: resolving internet/ISP related issue.

Error: FFXIV Launcher Error “The server is not responding.”
Solution: restart your computer.

Error: FFXIV Boot Error “Unable to complete version check [30605][503]”
Solution: Internet/ISP related issue; Power cycle your modem.

Error: “An unexpected error has occurred. Exiting FINAL FANTASY XIV.” With several dx11.exe items.
Solution: Reinstall the game.


Error: Error i2501
Solution: your IP is blocked. Try using another internet provider or VPN to connect to a different network.

Error: Error 401 and 601
Solution: Ensure that your billing address is same as the registered address when you first created your account. This shouldn’t be an issue with digital purchases. For 401, use an internet provider with no installed add-ons.
Source: FFXIV Forums

Error: “An error has occurred. Please confirm the status of any relevant options and then try again. For details, please contact the Square Enix Support Centre. (Error code: 406)”
Solution: Payment related. Ensure you entered the correct payment information and that you have sufficient fund in your bank account. Ensure that your billing address is same as the registered address when you first created your account.

Help! I Can’t Purchase the Game and Expansion on the Se Store/mogstation

If you find your purchase is being canceled by Square Enix or Mogstation, chances are, you have issues with any of the below:
  1. You are not using VPN
  2. The card is used for the transaction is from the same country and has no restrictions by your bank.
  3. Ensure that the card/account being used hasn't had any previous issues with Square Enix in the past (i.e refusals)
  4. The name and shipping information on the card must be the same as those on your account. Otherwise, you will receive this error message.
If you are using Paymaya, it would be best to link it to your Paypal account before using it for any purchase.

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