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Discussion in 'Playstation' started by MakiMakulit, Dec 1, 2016.

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    Haven't bought FFXV yet simply because I want to read reviews on how bad or good it is. For all of you here who are already enjoying countless hours of playing with it, kudos. But please care to enlighten me before purchasing it next week. I have a questions for you.

    1. I don't have an internet connection at home for my PS4, and according to the reviews of some sites in the net, it requires internet connection for the patch. Is it really necessary to patch the game? I mean will the game not start at all if the patch isn't installed?

    Cause that is the only thing that's bugging me to acquire it. specially that the update patch size is 9GB, man that's huge for a regular mobile internet to handle. I need you suggestions please. Thank you. More playing. God bless.
  2. SerSid027

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    I have bought the PS4 Luna Edition and played FFXV for 74 hours and still counting.
    I am a fan of Final Fantasy Series as well, I have finished FF8, FF9, FF10, FF10-2, FFCrisisCore.
    For me I enjoyed playing it not just because I am a fan but because it was my type of game (Fantasy/Action/Adventure), still enjoying the game.
    I have seen other people said that they've enjoyed the game more by watching Final Fantasy Kingsglaive and Final Fantasy Brotherhood, which I did also.
    If it is not your type of game, no matter how great the game is, it wouldn't be a game for you.
    Try watching game play videos and game play battle system demos, if it interests you then try buying it.
    That's what I am doing whenever I am searching for a game to play.
    Also I have trouble patching it for the first time as well, I have progressed the story into 25% before deciding to patch it.

    As for the patch, yes it's a 9GB pain, I've managed to successfully patch it with the help of my relatives having PLDT Fiber 70 - 100mbps no capping. The version 1.02 have a noticeable difference, it added a new menu item that lists the Archive in the game such as Fishes caught by Noctis, Dishes Ignis discovered and photos Prompto taken during the journey, it allows you to Share the photo on social media.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. nevamf

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    Hi Maki. Halos sabay lang tayo nkabili ng ffxv last january, kamusta na laro m? kakacomplete ko lng ng trophies, almost 90hrs of gameplay. sulit n din para skn pagkakabili ko nito,
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