Fiddlesticks Rework Thoughts and Insights PC 

Guild of Guardians
Don't be scared in the forests they say, the jungle will be fine they say. Well, not anymore! With the release of the trailer for Fiddlesticks' Rework "Terror in Demacia" there seems to be a new threat in town. Presenting Fiddlesticks' rework. Let us see his new look, abilities and overall.

Looks & Game Impact

Fiddlesticks new look is much more better than before. When he was first release, he was really just a pile of sticks formed into a scarecrow. Aaaaand sure, his name, Fiddlesticks, brings it justice, but it is so bland. Bland enough that some people are losing interest with him as a character overall. League of Legends have been updating the lore and the characters for a long time now and it is about time to give love to this pioneer character of the game. His new terrifying appearance, instilling fear and terror to everyone he meets as an enemy is very fitting for a character like him. They also expanded the character giving more voicelines and story tidbits for each character he encounters. Let's see what our boi, Necrit thinks about it.


His story is expanded into something more than before. Fiddlesticks is first referred to scare children each regions of Runeterra, in Freljord, Noxus, Demacia, Ionia, Bilgewater, and other lands, they tell the story of something human but really different altogether. Until the day Fiddlesticks appeared he was just a myth. But lately in the Demacian Hinterlands, Fiddlesticks appeared as part of the land have been filled with fear and terror, something he would feast with. The story is told better in the Universe of Fiddle, link is here: . Overall, it seems an improvement especially if you can back it up with media.


Now, let's check his abilities! It seems brand-new and it looks very interesting to play as him. Let's take a look!

Passive: A Harmless Scarecrow
Fiddlesticks’ trinket is replaced by Scarecrow Effigies that look exactly like Fiddlesticks. Effigies grant vision like regular wards. Enemy champions who approach an effigy activate it, causing the effigy to fake a random action (ex. basic attacking or casting Crowstorm), after which the effigy destroys itself.

Fiddlesticks can hold up to two Effigies at once. Effigy cooldown decreases and duration increases with Fiddlesticks’ level. At level 6, placing an Effigy reveals nearby wards for 6 seconds.

Insight: This is a good addition to the skill set of champions in the game. It fits Fiddlesticks' character to fool and scare everyone who is not wary enough of their position. Some may even use their skills accidentally if they are too nervous in the game. Since the Effigy will look like Fiddle then imagine the terror it will give for those who will try to gank an area that Fiddle put an effigy with.

Q: Terrify
Passive: While out of combat and unseen, if Fiddlesticks’s abilities damage an enemy, they become terrified, fleeing in the opposite direction.

Active: Terrify the target and damage them based on their current health. If this ability is cast on an enemy that was recently terrified, they take double damage instead of being terrified again.

Insight: This is a fantastic ability for Fiddlesticks as well as he relies on terrifying others and now it has an added effect that if you suddenly jumpscare an enemy it will terrify them. Also having the fact that if someone sees Fiddle damage an enemy unseen, they will be scared too. These things are great for immersion and Riot did a good job in this ability.

W: Bountiful Harvest

Fiddlesticks drains the souls of all nearby enemies, damaging them continuously over a few seconds and healing Fiddlesticks based on damage dealt. The last tick damages and heals based on the target’s missing health.

If Bountiful Harvest fully channels or if no enemies remain to be harvested, Bountiful Harvest’s cooldown is partially refunded.

Insight: Same as the usual but the drain is now on multiple enemies. Back then, having only one to drain is kind of bad if you are in a teamfight, but now, it seems that you are more useful when you suddenly appear from a teamfight if not using an ultimate to start off the battle. This ability also helps on clearing jungle monsters easier. Especially the raptors and the krugs.

E: Reap

Fiddlesticks damages and slows enemies in a crescent-shaped area in front of itself. Enemies in the center of the crescent are also silenced.

An ability that will help Fiddle in both jungling and battling enemies. This is another way to clear a wave from a lane or clear a jungle area faster after using your W. It also helps that those caught in the center of the crescent will be silenced, since Fiddlesticks relies on the past ability to silence an champion, this time, they still have it, you can just need to hit them properly with this ability.

R: Crowstorm

Fiddlesticks channels before blinking to the target location and continuously damaging nearby enemies for several seconds.

Insight: Just like before, but much more terrifying. Seeing the dark circle closing in inside Fiddlesticks with crows surrounding him is a great way to show his power. This is also the initiator skill for Fiddle. Since you need to blink to enter the fray, think of it with this combo, have a teammate lure a team to kill him but when they arrive, get yourself and your team ready, then pop the ultimate. Once you do, your teammates should be ready to support you. That would decimate any champions with your coordinated strike!


This rework is great for Fiddlesticks as it puts him back to the relevancy of the game. His past sprites and abilities are now fine-tuned and reworked so that he can jive in with the other new champions and their new abilities with no problem. He also connects to the lore well and brings a lot of things in the table for the lore enthusiasts of the game pleased. This is a good direction for Riot to take as they make sure that both parties, the hardcore players and those who are interested in the story, receive a good thing after having a backlash when they released Eternals which is still receiving negative thoughts from the fanbase.

How about you? We'd like to hear from you about Fiddlesticks' rework. Are you satisfied with the rework? Are you willing to test him out and might as well try him in the game? Tell us your thoughts below!