Fight toxicity with the right gameplay and attitude – Smart Omega captains

Donning black and green jackets, the signature colors of Smart Omega, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team captain Patrick James "E2Max" Caidic and Call of Duty Mobile team leader Jerrold "Woopiiee" Regay shared how esports changed their lives through the most recent Better Today Conversations under the Power Move Project of PLDT Inc. and its wireless unit Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart).


Smart Omega's E2Max and Woopiiee share thoughts on how to make esports a safe space for all

"Esports became my stress reliever. It also boosted my morale," E2Max said. "It also became my way to support my family during the pandemic. Being able to help them throughout that period definitely had a positive impact on my mental health."

For Woopiiee, esports helped strengthen his self-esteem. "I was not that great in school, but when I play, people look up to me. That has boosted my self-confidence."

Both captains have faced many storms that tested their mental resilience, battling the toughest competitors in the Philippines and overseas.

"There were times when we would feel drained, but we always try to remember why we are here in the first place. We must remind ourselves of the things we have sacrificed to make it here," E2Max said.

"We had a do-or-die game, and we were behind in score. Everybody had become silent during the game. I kept thinking, why should we be discouraged when there is still a chance? It's not over till it's over," Woopiiee shared. Now, the Smart Omega CODM team is gearing up for the CODM World Championships in December.


Making esports a safe space

The two pro-gamers also recognized that toxic culture is present in e-sports. "Trash talking has become a norm in games. I used to be part of that toxic culture, but I was able to overcome it," Woopiiee said. "If you want to become a pro, you must change yourself. Skills are important, but so are discipline and having the right attitude."

"If your goal is to win, but you also engage in toxicity, you will get nowhere. You will only lose. Fight toxicity with the right gameplay, boost your team, and you will win," E2Max said. "Mute toxic players at the start of the game and focus on the game. Make friends within the game and build your own community."

Through the #BetterToday initiative, PLDT and Smart seek to uplift and improve the overall digital wellness of Filipinos, underscoring the commitment of PLDT and Smart to the UN Sustainable Development Goals #3: Good Health and Well-Being.

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