Filipina Voice Actress Vanille Velasquez is the voice behind Zeri and Neon of Riot Games

Riot Games has recently announced that there will be new faces into the roster of their popular games: Valorant and League of Legends, and they have a few things in common.


For Valorant, Neon who came from Manila, Philippines is the new Duelist agent of the game and will join the Valorant Protocol as Agent 19. She is equipped with electric-based abilities with mobility and speed. A trailer for her was recently posted in which her ability and backstory were revealed. Neon will arrive in the game tomorrow, January 11.

For League of Legends, Zeri, the lightning charged marksman of Zaun will arrive in the game in the next few weeks. Her unique ability to control electricity is what she uses to be the vigilante of Zaun who protects those in need against the chem barons.

If you observe closely, the two new upcoming heroes both have something in common. Aside from their electric-based powers, they also sport the same style of hair, the twin pigtails. Well, their hairstyle maybe shouldn’t be the base for their similarities but if you really want to know what they really have in common, you should listen closely to their voices.

Both Neon and Zeri are voiced by the Filipina voice actress Vanille Velasquez. But before she worked with Valorant and League of Legends, Velasquez started first with Tagalog dubbing for anime and cartoons such as Pandora in the Crimson Shell and Nickelodeon’s The Loud House. For video games, she voiced Lolang Tsora from the Filipino fighting game, Bayani. Aside from that, she also lended her voice to games like Ikai, Starry Love, and Valor Legends: Eternity.


But to get to know her a bit better, Velasquez found her passion for voice acting at the age of 11. She started her career in 2016 through the televised voice acting and dubbing workshop “Dubbing Academy” on the Philippine anime television channel, Hero TV.

Since then, aside from the works mentioned above, she has also voiced characters from the video games Shadow of Death and Genesis. For voice overs, Jelly, Ben & Pogo and Lil Wild.It's really proud to see that her hard work, dedication, and determination is now being paid off.

It will be exciting to finally meet Zeri and Neon once they are officially released, especially to hear their complete voice lines. Hope to hear more of Vanille’s voice acting in other video games soon.