Filipino Actress and Celebrity Yassie Pressman to establish ‘Axie Pressman Elite Academy’

Yassi Pressman is officially opening the brilliantly titled Axie Pressman Elite Academy, which she teased with a screenshot of soon-to-be-hatched Axies last August 27.


She's on the search for academics to join her company. She underlined how the game's play-to-earn mechanisms might improve income for "possibly hundreds or perhaps thousands" of poor Filipinos in a colorful statement posted on social media.

“To be honest, I wasn't an NFT game expert,” she said in her post, “but I grew more interested in it when I understood the impact a scholarship program can have for Filipinos.”

How to Apply to Yassi Pressman Axie Infinity Academy as a Scholar
  • She stressed in her introduction video that potential academics should be familiar with a certain construction.
  • She stated, "Kailangan marunong kayong gumamit ng ABP Build natin," with supers warning that the scholarship is not for casual players. “ABP stands for Aqua Beast Plant,” says Pressman
“Every card, meron nang skills,” she continued. To be competitive, kailangan lang tayong matutong gumamit ng combinations at tipirin yung energy natin.”
  • Pressman cautioned aspiring scholars that they should expect a difficulty.
  • Scholars interested in applying can send an email to [email protected].
The Axie Pressman Elite Academy is the latest addition to the actress's business portfolio, which also includes the pet supplies store Presidential Paws.


When the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Department of Finance announced that revenues from the popular game should be disclosed as part of income tax, Axie Infinity was thrust into the limelight.

To Rest of World's Vittoria Elliot, Luis Buenaventura of Yield Guild Games remarked, "This news seemed very much like an admonition." With over 5,000 players under its roof, YGG is considered as one of the largest Axie Infinity guilds.

According to Buenaventura, the bulk of Axie Infinity scholars earn “under the taxes threshold of $5,000 per year here in the Philippines,” or $400 per month.