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    We will start promoting contents submitted on our site that have informative content threads, youtube videos and streaming channel on all our social media pages and groups to help you promote pinoy gamers.

    Featured Gameplay
    Do you have the most epic gaming video? well you can submit it to our Facebook by simply sending a message at, in return we will add it on our featured videos or top 10's as well as credit you or your channel.

    Create Interesting Topics:

    Add an Event or Tournament:
    If you are an event or tournament organizer feel free to post on our eSports sections we will then promote this content to our social platforms. In the future we will also provide a tournament manager.

    Submit Youtube:
    We knew first hand growing a YouTube channel is hard and frankly there arent alot of Filipino YouTube creators so we took the initiative to promote your contents on our social media platform.

    Submit Twitch:
    Due to the popularity of game streaming we notice its hard to actually filter streamers by nationality, specifically Filipino's so we are creating a list of all Filipino twitch streamers.

    By submitting this contents on our community we will feature them on our social media and external platforms giving you the engagement you deserve. To see our full list of social media and accounts click here.

    You can also add streams, videos, discussion on our subreddit

    Note: We will only promote Filipino Gamer's content and do not require anything in exchange we are doing this to raise awareness for the Philippine gaming community.
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  2. anonymous

    Regular Gamer

    Awesome glad you guys are promoting local content creators
  3. Nezeru

    Newbie Gamer

    Thank you PinoyGamer-san for the constant features!
  4. Sync

    Casual Gamer

    Thank you for featuring my RE7 gameplay videos PinoyGamer! Really appreciate the publicity. :D
  5. clydell04

    Casual Gamer

    Salute Senpai XD
  6. Nezeru

    Newbie Gamer

    May I make the suggestion to limit hosting Let's Plays of episodic games to the first introductory episode? Its sorta unfair for other creators if the front page of Videos is bogged down by multiple episodes of the same series by the same creator.
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  7. Pareng Ryan

    Pareng Ryan
    Newbie Gamer
    Team: None

    Thank you so much, sir for featuring my video on your FB page... It means a lot...
  8. BeJimmiebub

    Newbie Gamer
    Team: Tynemouth

    I will be in Berlin from Jan 1 to the 5th. If any of you live there and have hints on what to visit and cheat but good places to go eat and have some fun...I will be with my 21 year old son,
    Also any ET related groups or meditation groups.
    thank you
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