Filipino content creators share excitement for Dragon Nest 2: Evolution

The anticipated comeback of Dragon Nest, Dragon nest 2: Evolution, Level Infinite’s latest MMORPG launching this 2023 is reaching new heights! The return of the iconic MMORPG is set this July 20, with a Global Grand Dragon Slaying celebration that gamers should all look forward to!


But it’s not just your average gamers that are excited for Dragon Nest 2: Evolution. Filipino content creators - game streamers, cosplayers and influencers also share the excitement as they look forward to new adventures. Myrtle Sarrosa, the cosplay princess and a staple figure in gaming reminisces about her experience with the first Dragon Nest game saying “The Green Dragon Nest era really challenged me. It was a raid that needed an 8 man party to work together and clear the Nest. It had multiple phases that needed everyone to do the raid mechanics.” Dragon Nest was also one of her cosplay inspirations thanks to the Green Dragon raid saying “That dungeon was so memorable for me, I even decided to cosplay the Academic wearing the Green Dragon Armor Set in one of my Cosplay Events.”


Boss Raiding is also a core memory of playing Dragon Nest for GLOCO. Boss raiding with friends is one of his favorite things to do and one of the things that he looks forward to in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution. GLOCO hopes that “the old players are just as excited as we are to hop on back to the world of Dragon Nest.” As for new players, GLOCO encourages them to “Try out all the class and see which one fits your playstyle. Once you find the class you like, you can easily dedicate more time in refining your skills and combos with that character. “

While Myrtle and GLOCO has their fun in PVE or Player versus Enemy raids, Banoobs shares a more competitive nostalgia. Pushing him and his team to the limits in challenging other players, Banoobs shares “my favourite memory of DN when me and my guildmates used to win all first clears and PVP tournaments.” He even proudly adds that he once reached Top 1 in server rankings when it comes to PVP. Seeing Dragon Nest 2: Evolution also brought more nostalgia for Banoobs saying that “this is the game I needed to play!” a veteran from PC to Mobile, he really can’t hide his excitement and being the competitive spirit that he is, he looks forward to doing more PVP, playing with guilds, and looks forward to new challenges in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution

Speaking of guilds streamer Jazon also shares fond memories of playing with his guild back in Dragon Nest. Playing with a guild helped Jazon take down the Sea Dragon boss, his first ever dragon takedown and he can’t wait to do it again in Dragon Nest 2: Evolution. Jazon invites players to “make a guild together and run some dungeons!” and even shares a tip to about making sure to upgrade equipments before engaging with tough dragon bosses. As an experienced Dragon Nest player, Jazon says that his impression on the gameplay “is very identical to the original Dragon Nest I played years ago” meaning that it will be easy not just for new players but also for returning players to be immersed and be familiar with Dragon Nest 2: Evolution “It is so nostalgic and i love it.”

To learn more about Dragon Nest 2: Evolution and claim the in-game rewards for pre-registration, please visit the official website or keep up to date via the official channels below. In addition, the game will be available on Google Play Store, Apple Store, Huawei AppGallery, and OPPO Store.

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