Filipino Influencers and Streamers promoting gambling in Philippines


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Jun 15, 2018
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Several high profile influencers and video game streamers have been promoting gambling in the Philippines. They do this either by social media post or video game streaming in which majority of their viewers are underage Filipinos.

I will compile this list and hold this people accountable for their ignorance.

Erika Mei Ilar or Aki -

Tims Randrup -

Nico Nazario or Kiya Nic -

Yana Navarra or Yana Cosplay - (In canada but audience are still mainly in Philippines)

Majority are promoting this UK based gambling site called PnxBet. Upon checking this company does not have license to operate in the Philippines and requires ages 18 and above.

Usually operators are required to have Cagayan Freeport and Online Gambling License (logo is not present on the website). Even if they have this license they are only allowed for tourist only and does not allow operators to accept wagers from Philippine citizens similar to how POGO operates.
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