Filipino-Made Play-And-Earn NFT Title Anito Legends Now Playable On Four Platforms

It has only been a few months since upcoming Filipino-developed play-and-earn NFT game Anito Legends announced its closed beta signups. And since then, the team has already made the closed beta playable on four (4) different platforms - PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

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Gamers interested in playing Anito Legends can now access the beta version on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS

With so many gadgets and platforms utilized on a daily basis, ensuring that the closed beta can be played across a large number of devices became the top priority for Anito Legends. Chief Executive Officer James Chua states, “We are very excited to share the Anito Legends experience with the community, no matter what platform they are gaming on. With the beta version accessible across these platforms, we are hoping to keep growing our database of over 1,200+ testers.”

Having the Anito Legends beta version available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS also gives the players a chance to provide more targeted feedback to the development team. Chief Operations Officer Erick Garayblas shares, “Being able to get direct feedback from our Anito Legends beta testers and community is incredibly valuable, especially now that we are fine-tuning most of the game’s features before the full launch.”

Heavily inspired by Philippine folklore and mythology, the auto-battler casual title requires players to build and gear up a team of three (3) Anitos. With single and multiplayer modes available, completing runs will reward players with in-game currency, weapons and armor, and crafting materials.

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On the play-and-earn aspect, Anito Legends will utilize two tokens - $LARO and $GINTO. $LARO will be used to purchase Anitos in the upcoming marketplaces as well as premium items, while $GINTO is earned in-game, and can be used to summon more Anitos or to craft premium gear.

Anito Legends is looking to launch the game fully this June 2022. To know more, visit

About Anito Legends

Anito Legends is an upcoming auto-battler play-and-earn NFT title, developed by an all Filipino team. In Anito Legends, players are tasked to form a team of three (3) Anitos from four (4) different classes - the Kiwig, Sarangay, Siyokoy, and Tikbalang. Players can battle through single or multiplayer modes to earn in-game and physical rewards.

Developed by Masayato Games, the team is working with Palanca Award-winning author and horror writer Yvette Tan to create the game’s lore, while the in-game soundtrack is being produced by Myth_OS, composed of the duo Malek Lopez of BuyBust (2018), Never Tear Us

Apart (2018), Mighty Robo V (2021) and Juan Miguel Sobrepena of Never Tear Us Apart

(2018), Midnight in a Perfect World (2020).

Anito Legends' tokens $LARO and $GINTO were also recently listed on Coingecko, the world's most reliable source of independent cryptocurrency data, and CoinMarketCap, a trusted and accurate source for crypto market capitalizations, pricing, and information.

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