Filipino Streamer and Vlogger Mavsyyy is considering to go back to Canada

Maverick “Mavsyyy” Ignacio, a known vlogger and streamer, announced that he is planning to return to Canada to process his green card as well as to focus on his long-term goals.


In the vlog, Mavsyyy revealed that he will go back to canada to process his green card and focus on his long-term goals which involves his family. But before doing so, he first wants to marry his partner so that he can take her as well as their daughter to Canada. He said that he will go back here in the Philippines after he has settled his private matters in the said country. However, he clarified that he won’t be leaving immediately since he still has a lot of things to do here before he can fly back to Canada.

When Dogie asked Mavsyyy on why he came up with this decision, Mavsyyy disclosed that the reason why he’s leaving is because he is not earning enough. When he was still single, the pay that comes from his streaming and vlogging was good enough for him, however, now that he has a family to support it is simply inadequate.

Mavsyyy made a follow-up video on this matter to further elaborate his plans on going back and continuing his streaming career with his family. It is simply the truth that not much could be earned in streaming especially that he already has a family. Moreover, streaming isn’t a stable job. Mavsyyy said that his career may end abruptly before he knows it so he wants a much more secure way to earn money.

Currently, Mavsyyy is weighing whether to build a business here in the Philippines or fly back to Canada. However, he believes that the best course of action he can take is to travel back to Canada to focus on his long-term goals.