Final Fantasy 15: Episode Ignis Will Launch on December PS4 XBox One 

December 13 will be the launch of Episode Ignis, Final Fantasy 15's next story expansion. This was revealed on the pre show at Paris Games week when Sony showed the trailer. ust as Episode Prompto and Episode Gladiolus gave Noctis’ other bros their starring turns, Episode Ignis will do the same for the smartest member of the group.

Unfortunately, Episode Ignis will lack everyone’s favorite part of Final Fantasy 15: cooking, which Ignis was often in charge of for the group at large. But we’ll allow it, since these companion pieces of downloadable content are meant to show another side of the Final Fantasy 15 cast.

There’s more DLC for Final Fantasy 15 on its way. Comrades, the multiplayer expansionset toward the end of the main story campaign, will launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One tomorrow, Oct. 31.

source via Polygon