Final Fantasy 15 Getting Nissin Cup Noodle Hat DLC PC PS4 

Nissin Cup Noodle hat DLC will be available for Final Fantasy XV as of now only for japan. 15 types of Nissin Cup Noodles will be teaming up with Square Enix that are themed around boss characters from across the Final Fantasy series. Everyone who buys the food gets a code that unlocks a Cup Noodle hat for Final Fantasy XV main character Noctis.

The Nissin/Square Enix partnership for real noodle cups is an extension of the product placement deal that saw Nissin noodle cups show up in Final Fantasy XV. There was a silly fan-made video that joked about this.

In other Final Fantasy XV news, Square Enix has confirmed there will not be a Nintendo Switch version, while the RPG's character-creation tools have been teased.

source via Nissin Official Website