Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier a Battle Royale Prequel

Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy 7 The First Soldier, will come across to battle royale prequel and will be available on mobile devices sometime in 2021. The short trailer was released through the official Final Fantasy VII Twitter account, which provided a quick look at gameplay.


FF7 The First Soldier is a battle royale game set thirty years before the events of FF7 Remake, placing it along the new timeline. The game is about its players assuming the role of a potential candidate for SOLDIER under President Shinra, with the players taking on the role of warriors who are aiming to be part of the organization. Its battle royale gameplay is inspired by Fortnite, with players fighting to the last squad standing. They can use firearms, spells, and the video also demonstrated that players will be able to use both melee and ranged attacks (primarily using guns) to attack other players.

Screenshot (370).png

A shield system will also exist, which features the visual stylings associated with Sephiroth’s Scintilla attack. They also added the option to call on the famous series summons, like Ifrit. Monsters from the Final Fantasy series can also appear as AI enemies for players to fight. The maps are based on areas from the world of FF7 Remake, including sections of Midgar and Wutai.

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This fresh release will feature a special episode for Yuffie, the infamous material-stealing ninja from Wutai. Additionally, this new trailer featured cameos from extended universe titles like Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus. Although you might miss it since they only showed a very little bit about it.

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