Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition To Be Released On August for Android and iOS

Square Enix is now also following the remastered trend in the video game industry today as they finally set the date for the launching of the classic RPG Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles on August 27, 2020 for Android and iOS format. It took almost 2 years for Square Enix to provide a concrete schedule of release after its initial announcement back in 2018.

Crystal Chronicles was originally released in the now-defunct GameCube console and soon garnered a huge following that instantly makes it among the beloved FF series. The game revolves around a group of adventurers called Crystal Caravan whose on a mission to find a legendary object called Myrrh that used to cleanse and fuel Crystals that protects every village from a toxic vapor called Miasma coming from an alien lifeform.

The game allows players to explore towns, dungeons and even meet other groups of Crystal Caravan as they locate the trees that produce Myrrh and fight monsters in a hack and slash set-up. Since you will be controlling not just one character, you can assign different command buttons to the members of your Crystal Caravan much like your standard FF game.

You can also pull off attack combinations during combat and for a twist, your characters can change their elemental affinity along the way through the use of Crystals.

One of the unique features of Crystal Chronicles is its multi-player options where up to players will help each other protect their crystal and at the same time raid various dungeons. This feature will probably remain on the remastered version and at the same time new and exciting add ons will also keep the Crystal Chronicle nostalgic for old players and fresh for the new ones. Confirmed changes in the remastered version include HD visuals, new soundtracks, higher difficulty dungeons and new bosses to defeat.

Watch the new trailer for Crystal Chronicles below and tell us what do you think about this remastered version in the comment section.