Final Fantasy IX Will Be Getting an Animated Adaptation

Final Fantasy IX is getting a cartoon adaptation aimed for people at the ages of eight to thirteen years old.


The Paris-based production, Cyber Group Studios known for their children’s edutainment show, will lead the project alongside the Square Enix team in co-developing and co-production of the upcoming series. Additionally, Cyber Group will also handle the worldwide distribution, licensing and merchandise of the show.

“We are honored and enthusiastic to participate with our friends at Square Enix in such a great adventure.” Cyber Group Studios COO Dominique Bourse added, “It is a dream come true for our teams in France and in the U.S and we already look forward to creating a great piece of entertainment that respects this fantastic brand.” - Pierre Sissmann, CEO of Cyber Group Studios said in a press release.

The plot of the game was focused on a war between nations in a medieval fantasy world called Gaia. Players follow a thief named Zidane Tribal, who kidnaps the Alexandrian Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII as part of a ploy by the neighboring nation of Lindblum. He joins Garnet and a growing cast of characters on a quest to take down her mother, Queen Brahne of Alexandria, who started the war.

It will be interesting to know how Cyber Group Studios will go about the darker aspect of Final Fantasy IX. Since kids these days are smarter and more perceptive than before, it will be a real challenge on how the FF9’s darker themes will be developed to be kid-friendly.