Final Fantasy The Wedding!

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    Im speechless! The concept of the wedding is very unique, Final Fantasy the wedding! and yea haha no Phoenix down needed lol, watch this SDE(Same Day Edit) wedding as they join hands together for the new beginning of their quest , The Bride's dress is fashioned after Princess Garnet's coronation gown from FFIX, The bridesmaids' outfits are inspired by white mages from FFIII & FFV, The Groom and groomsmen are dressed as characters from FF type-0, The ring and coin bearers rented suits inspired by Turks from FFVII, The flower girl is dressed as Aerith from Crisis Core and so many other references!!!

    source via youtube

    Grace and her husband got married last month in Hawaii (congrats!). Since they’re big Final Fantasy fans, they decided that the logical thing was, well, a Final Fantasy themed wedding.​

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