Final Fantasy VII: A Personal Contemplation on Immortality PC PS4 

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Jun 20, 2023
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Joshua Jude Ubalde

Final Fantasy VII: A Personal Contemplation on Immortality​


It is a concept that has piqued human curiosity throughout history for endless periods, to a degree that some people persist in concentrating on its tempting mystique. Immortality has been examined through various conceptual lenses by philosophical and religious tenets, which have further defined its intrinsic complexity. It is surely difficult to fully absorb its dense layers of value, but we may render it simpler.

A state of immortality implies that an entity's existence endures despite its departure from its physical form. Living without being bound by the externality of the world allows one to become unrestricted. A single drop of water has the capacity to leave behind ripples of any size, which can have a bearing on the water's surface. By observing this, we can also claim that an ember of thought or influence can have the potential to leave a lasting imprint on others. This is because of its proclivity to linger indefinitely due to its enigmatic yet vital effect on how we mold our perspective. Therefore, I believe that immortality is conceivable.

In my own humble viewpoint, the greatest way to do this is through the exercise of art. A painting's precise brushwork, a song's deliberate writing and evocative melodies, and a book's narrative reservoir of meanings are all examples of artistry. All of these have the means to withstand the threshold of death with ease. It continues to exist and will endure over time. Sincerely, I am of the opinion that video games are the particular form of art that I personally relish the most.

This medium is exceedingly distinctive in the way it amalgamates music, literature, and artistic expressions with immersive mechanisms to create unparalleled experiences. And I myself witnessed this sensation with a PlayStation 1 game called "Final Fantasy VII." I was able to ascertain that fear was fundamentally entrenched in human nature by looking at the manner in which individuals behaved toward their own mortality. Apprehension about our inevitable demise will never be avoided. But I didn't anticipate that playing this game would cause me to see beyond this idea; I had no idea that Final Fantasy VII would alter my perspective on life's transitory processes while immortalizing its essence in my life. It is quite ironic, right? The magic lies within that.

I was immediately enamored by Square's decision to adopt a minimalistic aesthetic in the opening menu, making starting the game itself an experience. Just a huge weapon being swung on the ground, no soundtrack, no showy phrases. Although I was reputed to be reluctant in person, I was actually giddy with pleasure when I saw that menu. And after that, the rest is history. I glided through the game, as if the clocks were nonexistent. A new path of admiration for video games was opened up by Final Fantasy VII. Everything about it serves as a continual reminder of what video games are capable of being. And I am a product of its definitive greatness, given that without the legacy of this game, I would not be the person I am today. It simply lives within my days.

Cloud's emergence into his own individuality. Sephiroth's succumbence brought by his aching crisis. Tifa's compassion and unwavering affection despite the harsh unpredictability of life. Aerith's soul that is akin to a flower in bloom amidst the rubble. Barret's unflinching desire to extend his growth and pursuit of justice. Cid's unfeigned drive to clasp ambitions. Red XIII's resolute strength and sense of honor. Vincent's undying redemption in life. Cait Sith's cathartic transformation. My journey with the world of Final Fantasy VII and its cast of wonderful characters essentially stems from the crux of the human condition. It gave me precious lessons that I will never let go of.

Final Fantasy VII continuously tells me that although we live in fleeting days, we must strive to perpetuate bonds. Through momentary yet intimate moments with others, we're able to derive singular meanings in the simplest of things. It is a game that made me reflect not only on its narrative leanings, but also on the implications of art in our lives, on how it can be a catalyst of insights that can cultivate our growth. Indeed, achieving immortality seems to be filled with futility however, this game always reminds me that we can find our own kind of immortality, and for me it will always be Final Fantasy VII.