Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Details and Interview Summary

In an interview with Famitsu, Square Enix's Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura, revealed several details regarding the Final Fantasy VII universe.


Perhaps the most exciting news from Final Fantasy universe announcement, Ever Crisis. Hardcore fans of the original game is excited for Ever Crisis, as it features a different vision of the remake that it has a close resemble of the simple graphic style of the original game. Ever Crisis won't just retell the original game, it will do the same to the rest of the compilation that are Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus.


  • Story chapters are free-to-play but the loot boxes that contain random weapons are monetized.
  • The original FF7 story will wrap up in ten chapters and from that alone, it should give you an idea of how much the other titles will be uncovered.
  • Some chapters of Ever Crisis covers new events. The first one will be a new episode about the story behind FF7 The First Soldier. “The First Soldier takes place around 30 years before the FF7 main story, and goes into the founding of SOLDIER, so it goes without saying that you will see some of the legendary heroes in their younger days, as well as younger versions of the future Shinra executives and other characters who will appear in the FF7 Remake sequels. I think that it will really add depth to some of the characters who we do not have room to show fully in the main games," said Nomura.
  • The first trailer of Ever Crisis showed Aerith battling the Guard Scorpion - which is the first boss in FF7. Though this isn't breaking the canon of Ever Crisis, this is from the new mode that allows you to go into special dungeons and battles to have non-canon scraps.
  • This mobile game will not make up or replace the original games.
  • “We have also seen that people want to be able to play the various different series titles on the current console hardware. So the design concept behind FFVII EC is not intended to be a replacement for that, but a convenient and casual way to touch on these games. The compilation titles outside of the original FF7 were not structured with these rules and have completely different battle systems, but I wanted to unify them all in one format for FF7 EC, while not losing the individual character of the different games. Making the battles interesting was also something that we couldn’t overlook, so I was quite cutting in my feedback about them,” says Nomura.
  • The music used for FF7: Ever Crisis are all new arrangements but still based on the original.
  • The visual representation for Ever Crisis was focused in aligning it to the original FF7.

Details released about the Final Fantasy VII universe ends here. All of these proves that Square Enix has a really busy year ahead of them. Just to remind you, Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade will be released on June 10 for PS5.