Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis first Beach Festival Fun Event - Beach Festival Banner, Wallpapers, and Season Pass Reward

Square Enix recently unveiled its first-ever event for its new installment of Final Fantasy, which was released on September 7. The event is called FFVII: Ever Crisis Beach Fun Festival and will start on September 10 and run until September 28 this year.


In regards to the event, Square Enix released a sneak peek that features the dazzling Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII main character Zack Fair at the beach in his swimming attire. It also gave a clue as to what kind of enemies to expect at the upcoming event, especially the watermelon-themed Tonberry.

As the event runs, FFVII: Ever Crisis will feature various rewards, such as event gear, weapons, character-specific weapon parts, and the 5-Star Beach Parasol for Zack. It can be redeemed by collecting enough currency and exchanging it for rewards after completing the given tasks of the event. An exclusive seasonal story will be presented as well. Note that this event will be available only to those players who finished Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Chapter 1 Main Section 3 EP 1.

The Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Beach Festival Fun Banner

In addition to the above-mentioned rewards of the Beach Festival Fun Banner, there will be a themed banner that features two unique weapons and two unique pieces of gear for Tifa and Red XIII. The two unique pieces of gear are 5 stars, and a specific stat may increase by +10. Players may obtain this 5-Star Gear through the use of a Gear Ticket that was given for free as part of the pre-registration reward for FFVII: Ever Crisis.

In this themed banner, players can draw Lifeguard Wraps for Tifa with its Healing Waves ability, which allows her to heal all her allies for 38%. Alongside Tifa, the Seaside Collar for Red XIII will be available as well. Its ability is to decrease the thunder resistance of every enemy struck by a single-target attack called Power Fang. It is an exclusive weapon for this event only, where you can choose what weapon and gear will drop every six pulls. Having said that, you can choose which weapon and gear you would like to prioritize and obtain first.


Guide on how to acquire Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis Season Pass Rewards

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis will have its first-ever Season Pass featuring weapon upgrade materials, a Gear ticket, 4,500 blue crystals, and a special wallpaper. Unlike any other gaming apps that feature seasonal passes where rewards can be obtained through completing the given missions, FFVII: Ever Crisis is quite different, although it requires you to complete the daily tasks as well.

All you have to do is;
  • Find the Season Pass button on the home screen of the app, or you may find the three horizontal lines on the upper right side of your screen.
  • Upon opening the said pass, you will be directed to the "Treasure Hunt" or Season 1 rewards. All players will have to start at level 1.
  • To redeem experience, tap the yellow Explore button, and you can now claim your experience after finishing the daily tasks associated with the Season Pass. To claim your experience quickly, just tap the "Claim All" button.
  • Then, navigate back to the Season Pass to redeem rewards.

Obtaining the Season Pass rewards requires quite a lot of work. Note that you have to do this every day in order to redeem your season pass reward, and make sure not to skip making your season pass all-worthy.