Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis: Implementing VPN Access Restrictions for the Japan Server

The official Japanese social media account of Final Fantasy: Ever Crisis was announced in X, formerly known as Twitter, concerning the usage of a virtual private network (VPN) to access the game.

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With over 2 million pre-registrations before the official release of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, many players were sadly left out as the game is unavailable in various countries. This made the players think of an alternative way, which is through the use of a VPN, allowing them to access and enjoy the game. Although it totally works, Square Enix released an announcement on their official Japanese account that they will be restricting the use of VPNs as it violates the game’s terms of service.

According to Square Enix, a large number of unauthorized accounts were detected on the Japan server of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis, which clearly goes against the game’s Terms of Service. Having said that, players from across the globe will not be able to access the Japan server anymore due to the restriction unless they are physically in Japan. Otherwise, they have to play on their own servers in their respective countries. If the game is not yet available, players must wait until it is released in their region.

It is not yet confirmed if it is worldwide since the English account of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis hasn’t released any announcement yet regarding the use of VPN. As of now, the Japan server can only be accessed by players who are inside the country of Japan.
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