Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and Apex Legends has announced their collaboration that will start next year

Guild of Guardians
At the end of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trailer that Square Enix showcased in the TGA 2023, it was announced that Apex Legends will be part of an upcoming collaboration with the game.

apex legends and ffvii rebirth.png

The collaboration event will start from January 9, 2024. A key visual for the upcoming Apex Legends collaboration was also released, which is drawn by Nomura.

In case you didn’t know, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game is an upcoming RPG with new characters making an appearance, namely Vincent and Cid.

Currently, only the date of the collaboration has been announced. Unfortunately, no details have been revealed about what the collaboration will bring to the players.

For reference, previous crossovers have featured new skins for the characters. It might be the same for this collaboration as well. For certainty, stay tuned for further announcements!