Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Details and Interview Summary

In an interview with Famitsu, Square Enix's Creative Director Tetsuya Nomura, revealed several details regarding the Final Fantasy VII universe.


The announcement for the First Soldier was the most unexpected among the Final Fantasy VII that will be released. In the interview, Nomura gave an explanation as to why the developer made a battle royale game and some details about it.


  • Nomura made a point when he observed that, “fan demographics for long-running IP series do tend to become quite fixed, making it something of a challenge for us to appeal outside of that existing fan group”. Claiming that there might be players that don't know what Final Fantasy VII is or might not have played one of the Final Fantasy games.
  • He admitted that battle royale is the hottest game genre right now resulting in wanting to make a challenger in that space. It is also the genre that Final Fantasy fans haven't tried before and hopes through The First Soldier, fans will see Final Fantasy in a new light.
  • “I do want people to discover an interest in the world of FFVII from this game, but it goes without saying that if we are going to do it properly then there can be no half measures, and we are putting everything we have into getting the content of the game right too,” said Nomura.
  • A traditional Final Fantasy feature will be on The First Soldier. It is the Job System that the FF7 doesn't have.
  • “Each player on a team can select a job-like play style called a “style” for a match and these icons represent the styles chosen. Each style has its own unique skills and abilities, and you can change the one you set for each battle. There are advantages to continuously using the same style, but we will reveal exactly what exactly those are at a later date," Nomura revealed.
  • There will be a closed beta test but announcement regarding the details isn't revealed yet.
  • “The game’s producer, Mr. Shoichi Ichikawa, was also the one of those who proposed the original idea and he himself is a big battle royale player. He will really be the voice of the player based on the team and provide expert opinions on what needs focus and where the fine tuning needs to be. I am also giving my own, inexpert feedback, but Mr. Ichikawa is really knowledgeable, and he will always respond to my ideas in terms of how they would affect the balancing of a battle royal game, so I can safely make my reckless proposals, knowing that he is there to keep them in check," Nomura said.

This has been all the details about the surprising but nevertheless welcomed announcement of Final Fantasy: The First Soldier. But still stay tuned because the last details that will be revealed are for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.