Final Fantasy XIV: FREE TRIAL UPGRADE & 50% SALE!!!


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Dec 11, 2019
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Final Fantasy XIV upgraded it's free trial offering with the release of Patch 5.3: Reflections In Crystal. Level cap is increased to level 60 which before was at level 35, giving trial players more time to try out the game's features and immerse themselves in the realm of Eorzea! Be advised that restrictions still apply. Those on free trial are locked out of some features such as the in-game marketplace, player housing and joining a free company (the game's version of a guild).

Free trial content now includes the entire base game PLUS the Heavensward expansion! Trial players basically get the first expansion for free! That's twice the content to enjoy than before and Heavensward is huge! They now have access to the Astrologian, Machinist, and Dark Knight classes and the draconic Au'ra race.

Flying is now available in the base (starter) game. Flying was introduced in Heavensward but after the recent patch, players can now soar through the skies even in the starting areas! (Right after completing the level 50 story dungeons). Quest system was streamlined to avoid bloated and repetitive quests making for a smoother MMORPG experience.


Final Fantasy XIV IS 50% OFF until August 19, 2020
Both in the US and EU Square Online Stores
I suggest getting the EU version, it's cheaper and the subscription is cheaper too!

Now's a good time as ever to jump into the game if you're a fan of the Final Fantasy series, an avid MMORPG player or want to try something new. Here are a few tips:
  • When creating the EU account, just use any random address, they don't check anyway.
  • You only need to buy the base game FFXIV: A Realm Reborn and the latest expansion. The latest expansion already contains all the other previous expansions. You can also choose to just get the Complete Edition which includes the base game and all recent expansions.
  • Data centers with highest number of Filipino players are Tonberry, Kujata and Atomos in the Elemental server based in Japan.

'll leave you with a video of fun adventures you'll experience in Final Fantasy XIV