Final Fantasy XIV Mobile is reportedly in development

A leaker named Kurakasis revealed that a Final Fantasy XIV Mobile is currently in development. This game is said to be part of the strategic partnership between Square Enix and Tencent that took place six years ago.
final fantasy xiv.jpg

Previously, the press release for the partnership between the two big companies stated:

Square Enix Group will be accelerating these business development efforts to enhance its content services worldwide through this strategic alliance with Tencent Group. Outcomes of this newly created alliance include the establishment of a joint-venture company, co-development of AAA titles based on new intellectual properties, the licensing of existing intellectual properties, and more.

However, no game project that was said to be in development at that time was officially announced and was released in the market. Earlier this year, Reuters reported that an unannounced Nier mobile game was canceled in December 2023 due to failing in finding the right monetization model for the game based on one of Square Enix's popular franchises.

For the meantime, since the Final Fantasy XIV Mobile is announced by a credible leaker, it is better to keep expectations at bay since it is still unknown whether this game will push through and not meet the same fate as the other unannounced games.

We’ll have to wait and see if the day finally comes that this project, unlike Nier's, sees the light of day. Stay tuned!