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Aug 12, 2015
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Final Fantasy XIV Frequently Asked Questions

Is Final Fantasy XIV Free to play?

Can my computer run this game?
Please download and run the Character benchmark program to check.

Can I play this game on a console and will I be able to play with PC players in the game?
Yes. All 3 clients (General PC, Steam, and PS4) connect to the exact same servers.

However, please note that if you have a PC account, you would need to purchase the game again for the PS4 to play your account on a console and vice versa.

Where can I download the free trial?
You can download the Free trial here:
NA -
EU -

If you have other questions regarding the Free Trial program, please click here

I can’t create an account. There’s no option to choose Philippines as the address. Why?
You will not be given an option to enter a Philippine address so it is best to use the address of someone you know in the USA.

NOTE: It is not advisable but some users use fake addresses to get through this step. If you decide to do the same, make sure to save this address somewhere you can easily retrieve it so if you would need to contact customer service, you can have this verified.

What is the difference between NA and EU versions of the game?

Subscription and Mog Station pricing: Pricing will be based on region so NA accounts will be based on US dollar conversion and European Currency. In most cases, it is cheaper to buy things from EU region accounts.

Gametime Cards and Expansions: 60 days Game time cards are restricted per region. Which means you can only use NA game time cards on NA accounts and EU game time cards for EU region accounts.

Promotions: Promos will be available per region so some online promotions for the game will be available on specific regions only.

Forum Contests: Forums administrators launch events with in-game item rewards based on account region

How can I Purchase this game?
You can purchase the game from any of the links below:

Datablitz - Please contact the store for availability
Square Enix Store
EU Version
NA Version
Amazon Steam - (highly discouraged if you reside in the Philippines since it is a hassle to buy the expansions and game time within the country) PlayStation Store - If you're planning to play this on a console, the store is region specific so you must have an R1 or R2 account to purchase.

You can also opt to purchase from Online Resellers or other players. You can check The Final Fantasy XIV Buy & Sell Market group for options but please note that we are not associated with this group and the transactions done within it.

How do I purchase the game on PlayStation Network?
The PSN stores are Region locked so you need to create a PSN account where the game is available (NA, or EU).

How to tell if my Physical Copy is NA or EU version?
If the game rating says ESRB(R1 for PSN), it is NA version and can only be redeemed on an NA account. If the game rating on the box says PEGI (R2), it can only be redeemed on an EU account.

I purchased the NA Version of the game. Can I play on EU/JP Servers? (And Vice versa)
You can freely select and play on any non-congested server of your choice. The NA/EU/JP account classification only applies to the currency and payment method used for these accounts and it does not restrict you to which servers you can play.

Which server has pinoy players?
Please check this link to see which servers have Filipino free companies Free Company Database

Crowdsourcing Server Poll: Server Polls

I can’t select Tonberry to create a character. Why?
Tonberry is a highly populated server. Square Enix has placed character creation restrictions to balance out players to other servers. We’re not sure when this restriction will be removed. Aside from Tonberry, there are other servers with flourishing Filipino Communities.

How do I join a Free Company (Guild)?
You need to have the retail version of the game. You cannot join free companies if you are still on trial. You can post on the page or you can message any of the characters listed in the Free Company of your choice.

I bought the game. How do I purchase more Game time?
Regardless of platform, (PC, PS4 or Steam) you will be topping up your account in Mogstation. Mogstation gives you the following payment options:
Click here for more information about payment methods

Where can I download the game?
After purchasing the game, you can download the client here:
Please note: You won't be able to download the game without an active account. This means you need to buy the game or be on a trial account to download the game.

NA -
EU -

We do not encourage downloading the game from external links as this could potentially harm your computer.

NOTE: If you purchased the game from Steam, you would need to download it through the steam client

What class should I play?
We can't really recommend the best class to play but if you're gonna ask this question, please post your preferred playstyle and people can respond with recommendations.

Tanks: Dark Knight, Warrior, Paladin
Healers: Astrologian, White Mage , Scholar
Ranged DPS: Red Mage, Bard, Machinist, Black Mage, Summoner
Melee DPS: Samurai, Monk , Ninja , Dragoon

If you have more question don't hesitate to post below/
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