Final Fantasy XV Mobile Game in the works!

Square Enix announced yesterday that they are developing a new mobile game with the Final Fantasy 15 IP, this is different from FF15: Pocket Edition. With this new title, they will be working with JSC (Joyful Space Creator, KR), GAEA, and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group (both from China).

“The Final Fantasy 15 Mobile MMORPG game has an immersive story, attractive characters, and ]will be a] Japanese RPG (aka JRPG). We’re doing our best to make it mobile [compatible].” -- Park Ji-young, CEO of Joyful Space Creator

This game will be different from the console version, as it is a single-player game, this FFXV mobile game will be featuring various multiplayer battles but still, be parallel to the world in the console version. There will be new areas, and we will definitely look forward to this!

Final Fantasy 15 is the latest version of SquareEnix’s popular series, Final Fantasy Series. FFXIV was then released as a PC version later in March 2018.

The game trailer will be publicly released this year, 2020, there is no specific date for it, however, it is said that they will be releasing (game trailer) it before June of this year, so stay tuned for more updates!