Finally a Yamato-class!: Azur Lane's Dreamwalker Butterfly Event features Historical Ship, Shinano!

Either you're in it for the waifus or in it for the historical ships that they feature in the game, or maybe both? Still, whatever the reason, Azur Lane can offer both and provide a great F2P experience in a gacha game. It is afloat not because of its horrendous gacha rates or its P2W strategy in their PVP but because of the succulent choices of skins (esp. for the bigger classes!) and the oathing system where you promise to your ship. Kinda like marriage actually and we weebs love that! Anyways, let's talk about their newest event and the newest ship, Shinano!

Azur Lane's Dreamwalker.jpg

Shinano is a Yamato-class aircraft carrier that is famous because of its humungous size and their threatening presence in the battlefield. Which is why AL's counterpart is a big fox (talk about ara ara, right?) and it works it a lot of ways than one. But I digress, if you have basic knowledge, you got to wonder why Shinano is an aircraft carrier but the Yamato-class are battleships right? Well, fun fact, because of the famed Battle of Midway where the Imperial Japanese Navy lost a lot of aircraft carriers in that skirmish so they changed Shinano from a battleship to an aircraft carrier.

Azur Lane's Dreamwalker a.jpg

Shinano is the crown jewel of the latest event in Azur Lane titled "Dreamwalker's Butterfly". Follow the story of Shinano as she awakens for the first time in the new world they are living in and what fate is in store for her. Sortie and fight the sirens in the Mirror Sea to gain points and buy items in the shop that will greatly help you to progress the game, be it, oil, coins, blueprints for PR ships, skill enhancers, etc.

Azur Lane's Dreamwalker b.png

Along with our new UR, there's a lot of good ships too including Kii, Suzutsuki, Kashiro (which is a new ship type, munitions), Chitose, and Chiyoda, all of them are great in their amazing ways. But be careful on rolling with Shinano...

Azur Lane's Dreamwalker c.png

Because Shinano is a new rarity, which is the UR or Ultra Rare you will have a harder time acquiring her with a 1.2% drop rate. Nothing really new about the common gacha games as those are usually the rate of the rarest among the rarities but since this is Azur Lane we are talking about, this is a big one for them. They're harder to pull so roll like your life depends on it. But Shinano has a sparking system where if you pull 200 times, you will get her even if you had her in the rolls, so even if you become the unluckiest man on the planet, if you have saved, then you will still get her. But that is... if you have saved your cubes!

Azur Lane's Dreamwalker d.jpg

Shinano is a UR ship and UR ships have a different mechanic in terms of limit breaking, they can reach level 100 without the need of limit breaking but if you want her to become stronger then you need to limit break her by more copies of Shinano and with a new Bulin, which you will get a copy for free if you finish a special mission line.

Azur Lane's Dreamwalker e.jpg

As for the skins, get ready to burst your wallet as one of the anticipated skins of the AL Community, Surcouf's Loisirs Belnaires is up which is an L2D that really accentuates her mature figure! Other L2D includes Kashino's Hot Springs Relaxation and Hermione's Pure White Holiday, they can definitely match up Surcouf's L2D so if they're your waifu better get it! Other skins are the following: Kii's Poolside Persuasion, Kumano's Fancy Waves, Chitose's Summer Shine, Chiyoda's Shimmering Surf, Swiftsure's Midsummer Special Service, Icarus' Nereid's Discovery, Reno's Summer Spin-off, and last but not the least, Nicholas' Summer Cleaning "Volunteer". All these skins are of great value and limited so better get them before October 11 before it goes away!

Surprising the shikikans with the new UR ship is definitely something else, I came back in the game after a hiatus, but now I am actively playing again, gotta get the new UR! I am sure if you are playing, you're eyeing her too. So fellow shikikans, I wish you all the best of luck in getting Shinano. Tell us your thoughts about the event and her in the comments.