Fire Emblem Heroes Adds New Characters Android 

Nintendo has announced that new characters has been added today to their newest mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes and some changes for players to be looking up to in the future. his first batch is previewed in the video above; they include a pair from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, Ephraim and Eirika, and two from the Japan-only Fire Emblem. You can check the image below for the new added heroes.

These additions also bring with it a new focus, called Family Bonds, which influences what characters you'll obtain while summoning. There's also a new story paralogue that carries the same name, giving you a handful of missions--and, by extension, new Orbs to earn for a limited time.

Fire Emblem Heroes launched earlier this month on iOS and Android. As of this writing, it's No. 13 on the iOS App Store's Top Grossing charts, a few spots ahead of Pokemon Go, which is about to receive a major update.

source via Official Fire Emblem Heroes Website

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